8 Must-See Historic Places in Sri Lanka

8 Must-See Historic Places in Sri Lanka

8 Must-See Historic Places in Sri Lanka

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27 Dec, 2018 | 3:17 pm

COLOMB (News 1st): Sri Lanka is one of the most visited tourist destinations. Be it Weddings, Honeymoons or even Summer Vacations- most tourists choose Sri Lanka as their perfect vacation spot. The affordable currency and the very friendly people draw people’s attention towards this amazing island Paradise. Talk about the History- Sri Lankan history is amongst the favorites!

With all the famous and favorite tourist spots, there are several other sites which are lesser known even to the Sri Lankan locals. Though they are not as popular as some, these sites are a must visit. They may surprise you even more than the most popular and most visited sites of Sri Lanka. Next time you are here, make sure you visit these amazing locations.

  • Hatthikuchchi

Located somewhere near Galgamuwa, while en route to Anuradhapura, nestles this amazing ancient monastery complex, which is said to be over a 2000 years old. Hundreds of ruins found in the sylvan surroundings do give a bit of an ‘Indiana Jones’ feeling.

At the foot of the rocky mountain, you will find an image house made using a natural cave, with a reclining Buddha statue. At the top of the mountain, you will see the oldest Stupa in the entire complex. The mountaintop offers stunning views of the jungle below- various strange shaped boulders spread across a large area could be found. The best part is the hanging rock which is incredibly balanced on the edge of another rock, which is a pleasant site to witness. Also, be on the lookout for wild elephants on your visit to this amazing site.

  • Vaedihiti Kanda

The Stupa at the top of Vaedihiti Kanda

Located in Kataragama, closer to the most visited Hindu/Buddhist temple (which lies along the banks of the river) you will find a mountain with a Hindu Temple on the top. This is the Vaedihiti Kanda. To reach the Kanda, you need to trek through the jungle, which is teeming with monkeys. The best time to go would be during a religious offering- these poojas are beautiful!

Remember: When you are ready to climb the mountain, be aware of the food you carry with you. The monkeys are always ready to snatch your food away. Have a safe climb!

  • Namal Uyana – (Ironwood-Park )

A forest monastery on a Mountain in Galkiriyagama. This lies between a huge forest surrounded with ironwood trees. Amongst all the iron trees, here you will find Asia’s Largest Pink Quartz Mountains. There are rumors that the pink quartz from this mountain was shipped off to adorn parts of the Taj Mahal. An experience not everyone will achieve!

  • Mulawella – Sinharaja Rainforest

Get a world full of trekking experience in this jungle mountain, which offers great trekking opportunities through the virgin rainforests. Find the most breathtaking, jaw-dropping views of the surroundings and the most extraordinary sceneries here.

Since this place is a Nature Reserve, you need a permit to enter. While most locals are unaware of this amazing beauty, it is one of the few places you must see when in Sri Lanka.

  • Pidurangala

This area is not very secretive, but not many people visit this place. Known as the forgotten cousin of Sigiriya, Pidurangala is an amazing mountain which offers the most mesmerizing views of the Sigiriya rock itself. You could find pleasant views and peaceful sceneries at the top of the rock, with plenty of caves around. The climb is definitely a unique experience!

  • Ritigala – Anuradhapura

An ancient Buddhist Monastery unknown to most people. The ruins and the rock carvings date back to the 1st Century BCE. For those history lovers, a visit to Ritigala would do much justice. Learn something new and exciting here and take home with your extra knowledge on Sri Lankan history!

  • Mihintale – Anuradhapura

The place where Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka and the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Mihintale is a large, enchanting, spiritually enlightening village full of culture. It is an area loved by the Sinhalese Buddhists. The area includes beautiful shrines, rock caves, stupas, and unforgettable sceneries. The location offers many resorts and stay-over spots. You could spend a day or two and visit the most amazing sites the city has to offer. Get to know the locals and their lifestyle while interacting with them. It is an experience on its own!

  • Buduruwagala

Located within a 5 km from Wellawaya, this area includes the main Mahayana Buddhist Statue of Sri Lanka with over 10 high rock-carved statues, beautiful sceneries, and mind-blowing views.

Hidden and secret areas with great views, filled with ancient history is found all over Sri Lanka. This is why we say ‘Sri Lanka is full of surprises’. The more you visit, the better the places you get to see and experience!

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