Dare to know the darkest secrets of flight attendants all over the world?

Dare to know the darkest secrets of flight attendants all over the world?

Dare to know the darkest secrets of flight attendants all over the world?

Written by Staff Writer

18 Dec, 2018 | 11:09 am

Colombo (News 1st) –

You’d wish you never knew these secrets of flight attendants.

(P.S – Never ask for tea or coffee on a flight!)

A Reddit thread; by a user asking flight attendants to comment on their job and the secrets passengers do not know when they travel in any flight; went viral few months back. As flight attendants kept commenting and revealing more and more about a plane journey, readers were quite shocked.

Here are some comments sent in by the airline staff:- 

1. “The plane is disgusting. Don’t walk around barefoot. Definitely, don’t eat your mint after it fell on the floor like Mr. 3A did the other day.”


2. “If you ask for something nicely, I’ll usually give it to you, but if you demand it or if you’re a jerk…good luck getting anything free.”

3. “We don’t wash/replace the blankets or pillows.”

4. “Please, PLEASE don’t ask where are we flying at the moment. I don’t know and don’t care, either.”

5. “The amount of times someone has poked me in the waist, back of the head, and yes, my ass, in order to ask me to take their trash or some other stupid shit is TOO DAMN HIGH!”

6. “As you’re boarding the aircraft we are judging you — we need to be able to establish what kind of flight we are gonna have.”

7. “We’re definitely laughing at you when you’re trying to cram a giant, clearly oversized bag in the overhead bin.”


8. “When you ask us to change the temperature, we pretend to do it. Planes are generally colder because if we hit turbulence warm temps will make the chances of someone puking much higher. No idea why.”

9. “When people ask for the reason for a delay, we usually give a bullshit response because the REAL answer would spook passengers. ‘We have a minor technical problem and engineers are on their way.’ But in reality: The cabin pressure isn’t working.”  

10. “Unless you’re extremely lucky and your aircraft just rolled out of the hangar after major maintenance, there will absolutely be something broken in it. An aircraft can have a whole host of parts be broken and still be allowed to fly.”

11. “It means A LOT to us if a passenger actually says hello back to us and smiles…One guy said, ‘Hey, good morning!’ to me, and all flight I gave him alcohol on priority right away.”

(Always opt for the alcohol, no tea for me please!)

12. “We generally don’t know each other before the briefing. You’ll hear us calling, ‘hey hun,’ ‘hey darling,’ ‘hey dude’ — all of that is because we don’t remember their name.”

13. “If you curse in general, it’s normally not a thing, but the second you curse at me I can kick you off.”

14. “We have flex-restraints and are trained how to use them should you get disorderly.” (Hmmmmm.)

15. Pilot –  “Don’t drink the coffee. The water comes from the onboard system that has the fill port right next to the port the lavatories are drained from. The water system routinely fails E. coli checks.”


16. “Your skin gets extremely dry from being in the plane so much and from using water from different parts of the world regularly.”

17. “If it’s a red-eye and we are close to landing, I might be hallucinating from lack of sleep. Not enough to be dangerous, just enough to see weird things.”

And finally,

A user typed in this –

“when I was 16 I moved from the US to Germany as an exchange student. I was alone, had never flown by myself, and didn’t speak German. From Frankfurt to Bremen I got RIDICULOUSLY sick.

The flight attendants let me move to a seat closer to the bathroom and kept checking in on me every ten minutes with cold paper towels, water, and sprite. They also kept me up to date with how much longer until we landed, etc.

Anyway. I was very scared and very lonely and just wanted my mom. I’m so thankful for the kindness everyone showed me.”

18. “Never get seats by the bathroom. When the toilet breaks down, the mechanics put all the toilet parts on those seats.”

Oh well.

Have a safe and entertaining flight!

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