Ranil has 122 votes to protect him – Dayasiri

Ranil has 122 votes to protect him – Dayasiri

Ranil has 122 votes to protect him – Dayasiri

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28 Nov, 2018 | 8:29 pm

Colombo (News 1st) – Journalists questioned the Co Cabinet Spokespersons at the Cabinet Media Briefing today (November 28).

Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe replying the journalists noted that they reject the notion that the appointment of the cabinet of Ministers and the Prime Minister is illegal. He goes on to state the notion is only a political slogan. He stated that the people who present these slogans are aware that they could have taken the Gazette before the Supreme Court and challenge it but nobody took this step.

He went on to state that the appropriations bill has to be presented before the Parliament within the year and it needs to be approved as it is the tradition. He noted that the Supreme Court decision is unknown and if by chance they grant a decision that the President has the power to dissolve parliament then there will be no problem, from January until the end of March.

He then noted that if the Supreme Court decides against the notion that the President had the power to dissolve the Parliament, then a vote on account has to be presented to cover the expenses. He went on to state that then there must be a majority vote in Parliament and that they do not see this as a problem.

MP Dayasiri Jayasekara stated that they are hoping to hold a Parliamentary group meeting tomorrow morning and that they will decide how to proceed on matters afterwards.

He stated that the standing orders of the parliament are clear that a matter that is before the judiciary and a matter where a decision is to be provided is not to be taken up. He went on to state that there is a case in the appeal court at present and if a no-confidence motion is brought again it will go against the rules as it will be regarding the case in the COA.

He then went on to state that on 06 January 2015, Ranil Wickremesinghe sent two letters to the President; one to appoint him as the Prime Minister and the other to hand him the executive powers through a gazette. He then stated that it is arguable whether they appointed the President as a President or as a puppet.

When questioned why they didn’t bring a no-confidence against Ranil, MP Dayasiri noted that Ranil has 122 and that will protect him. He then stated that this is not an issue about the majority but how matters should be done legally.


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