UNP of DS and Dudley no more – President

UNP of DS and Dudley no more – President

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23 Oct, 2018 | 9:28 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – President Maithripala Sirisena said he, as the common candidate assumed he was allying with the UNP founded by late D.S. and Dudley Senanayake’s but later on realised that he had not allied with such a UNP.

The Head of State made this statement at an event held yesterday (October 22) to commemorate the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka D.S. Senanayake, F.R. Senanayake, Former Prime Minister Dudley Senanayake and R.G. Senanayake

President Sirisena continued to say that he is a mixture of visions of both D.S.Senanayake and Bandaranaike. He said that when he had defected from the Rajapaksa government in 2014 as the common candidate and aligned with the UNP that he had expected a much different party.

The President continued to say that the founder of the party, D.S. Senanayake was a true patriot and that justice, social equality, and honesty were the true qualities of the founder leaders of the party. He added that those personalities were never tainted with corruption, fraud, theft, and waste which is why the UNPwas a powerful party back in the day.

“On a day we commemorate D. S. Senanayake I pray that the party he envisioned be re-born again” added the President.

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