Angunukolapelessa prison inmates protest search operations by Police STF

Angunukolapelessa prison inmates protest search operations by Police STF

Written by Staff Writer

22 Oct, 2018 | 3:28 am

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Remand prisoners at the Angunukolapelessa prison commenced a protest atop a tower in the prison premises early this morning (October 20).

The protest was carried out in objection to the search operations launched by the Police Special Task Force. News 1st correspondent reported that around 100 prisoners out of the 1000 inmates in the prison had joined the protest.

However, with regard to the incident, the general public had such opinions.

“They have no way of bringing in their cannabis and the weapons. So what we suggest is that the STF should be here and they are protesting because they can’t smuggle anymore..”

The Prisons Department had sought assistance from the Police STF after it was learned that certain prisoners engage in illegal activities while in prison.

Following the request, STF Officers were deployed to the prison premises on the 17th of this month. Police Special Task Force said it was agreed to provide security to the prison premises but not to carry out an internal inspection of the prison.

Secretary to the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms W. M. M. R. Adikari said that the STF will be assigned at the Welikada Magazine prison and the Welikada Remand custody. The Secretary added that the Prisons Special Intelligence Unit that was dissolved earlier has now been re-established.

Speaking to News 1st, a top official of the STF stated that once the necessary infrastructure facilities are provided to the Welikada prison that security personnel will immediately be deployed there as well.

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