Common dining etiquettes that you should follow

Common dining etiquettes that you should follow

Common dining etiquettes that you should follow

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18 Oct, 2018 | 7:24 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Table manners also known as table etiquettes is more or less something that should be taught from scratch to most people. Especially when you head into a famous five-star hotel, we often find people struggling with the fork and spoons.

It’s a pity to watch, but learning of it before-hand is much better than being teased at when someone sees you doing what’s wrong.

Here are a few table manner tips, that we could share with you! If you are doing most of it, then you are keeping a good demeanour when you eat, but if you aren’t doing most of it I suggest you start trying these tips now.

1. Make good use of your napkin.
Place your napkin in your lap immediately upon sitting down. Unfold it while it is in your lap.

2. Utensil Etiquette.
In most situations, use the “outside-in” rule to tell which knife, fork, or spoon to use at the dinner table. Use utensils on the outside first and work your way in with each new course.

3. Removing Unwanted Food from your Mouth.
Food is removed from the mouth in the manner in which it is put into the mouth. Food put into the mouth with a utensil is removed with a utensil itself.

4. Excusing Yourself.
Simply say “excuse me, please; I’ll be right back” when you are done with the meal. Leaving without a word is rude.

5. Cutting Food.
Cut your food into only one or two bite-sized pieces at a time.

6. Electronic Devices.
Turn off or silence all electronic devices before entering the restaurant. Do not answer calls when you are at the table. Do not text and do not browse the Internet at the table.

7. Speaking While Eating.
If you have more than a few words to say, swallow your food, rest your fork on your plate, and speak before you resume eating.

8. Eating Quietly.
Scraping a plate or loudly chewing is unpleasant to listen to and considered impolite. Smacking and slurping food are major mistakes and a sign of bad table manners.

9. Reaching.
If items are within easy reach of your arm lean slightly forward. Don’t lean past the person sitting next to you

10. Don’t Drink with a Full Mouth.
To avoid leaving food on the rim of the vessel, make sure the mouth is free of food and blot the lips with a napkin before taking a sip of a beverage.

Hope you got an idea of what we are trying to convey!! Try these out the next time you step into a luxurious restaurant with your partner, friends, business meetings etc.



Common dining etiquettes that you should follow

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