Floods affect over 60 families in Dematagoda

Floods affect over 60 families in Dematagoda

Written by Staff Writer

10 Oct, 2018 | 12:56 am

Colombo (News1st) –  Several high rise buildings, as well as mega infrastructure projects, are coming up in the metropolis of Colombo. However if one is to roam its streets the story is different.

Together with the students of the University of Moratuwa the Gammadda team set off today (October 09) as well to look for the people who have been affected by the latest inclement weather.

Over 60 families living in Samanthawatta in Mahawila, Dematagoda face difficulties due to the prevailing weather as all of their houses are currently inundated. The residents state that the Heen Ela that is adjacent to this area has not been renovated in a long time. They charge that the rainwater does not recede as a result of this.

Further, the people are forced to remain in their inundated houses because they do not have a secure place to go. The residents noted that they do not even have a proper place to cook their meals.

The education of the students in the area has been hampered and the public toilets that were used by the localities have overflowed. They reiterate that they are ready to leave if they are provided a secure place.

Residents of Elahena Fonseka watte, Gothatuwa and Bloemendhal have been affected by the floods. Residents in the Bloemendhal pointed out that there is no proper water disposal mechanism in the area.

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