The true motive behind the JO rally

The true motive behind the JO rally

Written by Staff Writer

05 Sep, 2018 | 10:49 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – What is the motive behind the Janabalaya Kolambata rally. There were plenty of views expressed on the matter throughout the day.

Addressing a media briefing Minister of Fisheries, Water Resources and Rural Economy Vijith Vijayamuni stated they tried to make elect Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister of the country but failed. After this failed attempt, Min VIjayamuni stated that various protest marches and rallies were organised and they constantly spoke of overthrowing the government.

“This protest is being organized with a clear intent. Where is Basil? Basil is the mastermind, the organizer. Basil has the power on the ground. Basil was the one who rallied together the local government representatives and challenged the government by winning the local government elections. The game today is for Namal baby to take the power of Basil and Gotabaya” added the Minister.

At 2 pm today a group of Joint opposition leaders headed by Namal Rajapaksa after meeting with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa announced where and when the protest will be held.

Last night the leaders and Parliamentarians of the Joint opposition met under the leadership of Namal Rajapaksa with the participation of Mahinda Rajapaksa as well. Even during the media briefings that preceded the protest senior leaders like Dinesh Gunawardene were purposefully sidelined by Namal Rajapaksa.

This post was put up on Namal Rajapaksa’s twitter account.



Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Social Empowerment, Ranjan Ramanayake expressing his views stated that the people running the protest have not even taken measures to analyze the constitution.

The Deputy Minister continued to say that just like MR had stolen money from the Tsunami funds, he had taken money from China and even gave up the land belonging to the Defence forces headquarters. Ranjan questioned why the protestors chose to remain at odd locations around Colombo, instead of making their way to the Shangrila hotel which Mahinda Rajapaksa had a role in creating.

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