A new record by a pair of Pandas in Mexico

A new record by a pair of Pandas in Mexico

A new record by a pair of Pandas in Mexico

Written by Reuters

22 Jun, 2018 | 8:28 pm

Reuters – A pair of giant pandas at a zoo in Mexico’s capital city have just set a record to become the most shining longevity stars of the species outside China. Mexico City’s Chapultepec Zoo is home to rare and wonderful creatures from around the world. But its pandas are not only amusing crowds.

Shuan Shuan just turned 31 – making her the oldest panda in the world outside of China itself and her niece Xin Xin is turning 28 next month. “Shuan is a very noble old lady. She’s very tranquil and passive. Xin on the other hand is very sassy,” said Miriam Nogueira, Chief Veterinary Officer of the Chapultepec Zoo.

From their bamboo-filled section of the zoo, the pandas attract as many as 50,000 visitors per day. “They’re very friendly and cute. They usually sleep a lot,” said one visitor.

With the average life expectancy of a panda in captivity at about 22 years, both Shuan Shuan and Xin Xin are well into their golden years. And their keepers attributed their longevity to the careful regimen of diet and exercise.

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