Chief Incumbent of the Kiriwehera airlifted to Colombo following shooting

Chief Incumbent of the Kiriwehera airlifted to Colombo following shooting

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13 Jun, 2018 | 9:11 pm

Colombo (News 1st) – Chief incumbent of the Kiriwehera Rajamaha Viharaya in Kataragama Ven Kobawaka Damminda Thera who was injured in a shooting, was airlifted to Colombo for further treatment. The shooting occurred when the venerable thero and another monk had made their way to the entrance of the temple after engaging in religious observances.

The shots were fired from a distance of at least 30 yards, police investigations revealed that three people wearing face masks, had arrived in a red coloured SUV and had opened fire at Ven. Kobawaka Damminda Thera when he was standing at the steps of the entrance.

The suspects fled the location following the shooting The SUV in question was found at a house on the banks of the Manik Ganga located behind the temple and is confirmed to have belonged to the former sharman or “Kapu Mahattaya” of the Mahasen Devalaya in Kiriwehera. Further investigations uncovered that the shooting was carried out by the former “Kapu Mahattaya” and two other accomplices.

Explaining the motive behind the shooting, a senior police officer in charge of the area stated that upon being appointed to the position of chief incumbent of the Kiriwehera in 2014, Ven. Kobawaka Damminda Thera had faced a number of disputes with the “Kapu Mahattaya” over the ownership of the Mahasen Devalaya in Kataragama.

The ownership of the Mahasen Devalaya was handed over to the Kiriwehera nearly a year ago following a court order and a new “Kapu Mahattaya” was appointed. It is yet to be ascertained from which direction the perpetrators had arrived to carry out the shooting.

Police canines were also used to investigate the area. However, the suspects are yet to be taken into custody, 24 hours since the incident.

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