Professionals question Min. Malik on Singapore FTA

Professional's National Front questions Minister Malik Samarawickrama

by Staff Writer 26-04-2018 | 11:30 PM
COLOMBO (News 1st) - The Professional's National Front (PNF) has put forward ten questions to Minister Malik Samarawickrama and says if the minister fails to answer these questions he must resign immediately. The questions are based on the Sri Lanka - Singapore Free Trade Agreement. A key question raised by the PNF is why importers, the cabinet, and the President were deceived by including a list of goods which have already been granted concessions into this trade agreement? The PNF questions why the entire land and ocean mass of Sri Lanka was considered in the agreement when only 10% of privately owned land in Singapore was considered for the agreement? In addition, they question Minister Samarawickrama as to why there was no feasibility study carried out prior to entering into such an agreement, in violation of globally accepted norms. They also question the minister as to why a single professional body was not consulted before entering the agreement and why the minister deceived the media by stating he consulted professionals? Another question by the PNF is why unsuitable individuals were appointed to the delegation that held discussions with Singapore over the trade agreement?