BOND SCAM: The small fries are in custody but what about the masterminds?

BOND SCAM: The small fries are in custody but what about the masterminds?

BOND SCAM: The small fries are in custody but what about the masterminds?

Written by Staff Writer

25 Mar, 2018 | 8:57 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The world heard the Japanese Premier apologizing for the second time, however, have we ever heard of anything remotely close to an apology from a Sri Lankan politicians.

The members of the Former administration who have been accused of many incidents have never come forward to apologize. Nor has anyone in this current government.

It has been three years since the bond scam took place, yet, who has come out to apologize to the nation for the massive damage caused by them.

The country and its people knows that there are two people in remand custody and Arjuna Mahendran is on the wanted list.

Looking back at the statements made by the Prime Minister in support of his associate Arjuna Mahendran then the people will begin to understand the broader image.

While Mahendran is on the run, the masterminds who ordered this daylight robbery are still keeping their names out of the spotlight and the headlines.

The question that seeks answers is for how long?

JVP Parliamentarian, Bimal Ratnayake speaking about the situation stated that the head of the bond scam, the person who provided the political guidance for it was the Prime Minister, who set up the legal and administrative environment necessary for the scam to be carried out.

He said that Arjun Mahendran has escaped with the blessings of the Leader of the UNP.

“He is an individual who is well known internationally so he can be taken into custody easily. We all know that the Police in Sri Lanka were able to apprehend people like KP and others.” – MP Bimal Ratnayake

Further, he stated that therefore, they should be able to arrest this individual too and that is their position.

JVP Councilor for the Uva Provincial Council, Samantha Vidyaratne, went on to ask the question of the identity of the main rogue behind the Central Bank bond scam.

“Arjuna Mahendran was the Governor of the Central Bank, where is he now? Whose friend is he? Ranil Wickremesinghe’s.” – JVP Councilor, Samantha Vidyaratne

He then went on to point Malik Samarawickrema and Kabir Hashim. He said that the Governor of the Central Bank carried out the theft and fled is being protected by his friends.

Councilor Vidyaratne stated that two small fries who were involved in the theft, Kasun Palisena, and Arjun Aloysius have been locked up but the mastermind is at large and the political masterminds who were behind the scam are still at large.

Further, he said that this is the situation in the country, we must put a stop to it and that this cannot be solved through a no-confidence motion alone.

“The law of the country must be enforced and those responsible for this should go where they deserve to go. The small fry has been captured while the sharks and the political sharks are leading a life of luxury around the world. Is this the law of the country.” JVP Councilor, Samantha Vidyaratne

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