Corruption that loomed large in an era gone by (Video)

Corruption that loomed large in an era gone by (Video)

Corruption that loomed large in an era gone by (Video)

Written by Staff Writer

20 Jan, 2018 | 11:45 pm

The year 2015 brought about many changes. We got a new president,  a new prime minister and a new consensual government.I t was also the year of the bond scam. And for many,  this happening dominated the national discourse over the past few years due to the magnitude of this scam.

Yet, it seems like the sins of the past have been forgotten by some of the powers that be.

We are referring to the crimes touted by members of the current administration, while on the campaign trail for both the presidential election, and the subsequent general election.

So for their benefit, here is a small reminder of everything that they claimed took place.

1) Helping Hambantota

Loss : – Rs. 84 million.

The tsunami of 2004 wreaked havoc in the country. In the immediate aftermath, there was plenty of money that flowed into the country in the form of aid.

Helping Hambantoata was identified by those in the government today as a scam which siphoned off some of these funds..

We can recall a certain chief justice coming before the media and apologising for the verdict he delivered in this case ..

2) The MIG Deal

Loss : 28 million Euros

Issues surrounding the purchase of MIG aircrafts for the Sri Lanka Air Force has generated a great deal of attention.There were reports of two MoUs, third-party companies involved in the deal suddenly disappearing.

There is also popular belief that the murder of our colleague Lasantha Wickremetunge occurred because of this very deal.

3)SriLankan Airlines

Prior to the management change at SriLankan Airlines, our national carrier was doing quite well.

Afterwards, in airline terms, it was a nosedive. Cronies and relatives took over management of our pride and joy, and we do not need to remind you of the current state of the airline.

4) The Hedging Deal

Loss : 280 MN $

Who committed these crimes? Imagine the state of the Sri Lankan economy, if these crimes against the nation were not committed.

5) Avante Garde

Loss of revenue was caused to the government because of the contracts and services  given to a private firm. The people can well remember who initiated such transactions..

The people remember how weapons were issued and how, eventually, weapons were discovered on floating armouries without any serial numbers.

6) Memorials

We remember how memorials were constructed for the deceased of certain families..

We remember how public funds were used for this purpose..

7) CSN

During the campaign, there were plenty of questions raised regarding a certain TV channel, and the manner in which it was started.

There were issues as to how a government employee could begin something of this nature on such a salary. There were issues with regard to the location of the station itself.

8) Norochcholai

What is the first word that springs to mind when you think of the Norochcholai power plant? Breakdown.

There were issues raised in this regard, as well as claims that this was a used power plant which was palmed off to us.

9) Sil Cloth

We recall how senior public officials like Lalith Weeratunge were thrown into prison for following orders.

600 million of funds from the TRC were misused for this  exercise during the election period.

10) SLTB

SLTB buses used during the election period for which monies were not paid.

11) Land issues

Mount Lavinia land linked to Yoshitha Rajapaksa

Owner-less mansion In Malwana, linked to Basil Rajapaksa

These are but a few of the issues raised by the current members of government. Sadly what action have they taken?

We cannot forget other atrocities committed under the previous regime .

Have the people forgotten all this?

We do not think so. The people are watching. The people are waiting for the those in power who shouted across political stages, to turn their words into action.

It has been three years since they caused a silent revolution. And the people are frankly getting tired of waiting…

It seems like the people who made these claims have sadly fallen asleep..

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