Prime Minister – before and after the President’s statement on Bond Scam report

Prime Minister – before and after the President’s statement on Bond Scam report

Written by Lahiru Fernando

04 Jan, 2018 | 10:03 pm

After 10 long months of inquiry, yesterday (January 3) President made a special statement regarding the Presidential Commission report into the Bond Scam inquiry.

The report has now been sent to the Attorney General, who is studying the report.

Following the study, AG says he would revert to the President on the actions that need to be taken on the matters mentioned in the report.

Prime Minister issues a statement

Today (January 4) the Prime Ministers Office issued a statement on the Presidential Commission report.

While thanking the Commission for 10 months of “exceptional service”, the communique says it is the aspiration of all, for the law to be enforced without any influence.

The statement also says that the COPE committee (chaired by Sunil Handunnetti) report was also directed to the AG on October 31, 2016 on the PM’s directive.

It reads, “the responsibility of taking legal action on the bond issue was vested with the Attorney General in December 2016 by the Prime Minister and again in January 2018 by the President”.

According to the statement, the Prime Minister hopes the Attorney Generals Department would take appropriate action in relation to the matter and emphasizes this process has once again established the Democratic and Law-abiding nature of the Government of Good Governance.

Basically, Premier Wickremesinghe says he sent a report to the AG in 2016, while President sent it just days ago.

However, the PM had a different story to tell on March 17, 2015.

Speaking in Parliament, PM said “there is nothing to claim the Central Bank Governor was involved in this”

PM Wickremesinghe also stated that the allegation which says Mahendran intervened in the tender process is “a baseless one”.

“On the 27th of February I appointed a three-member committee to inquire into the 30 year bond issue. How else am I to look at this? This cannot be referred to the Monetary Board. I need to be satisfied with this first …” he added.

What really happened..

The first revelation on the bond issue was made by News 1st on March 8, 2015.

Soon afterward, the President instructed the Presidential Secretary to look into the matter.

However, the Prime Minister was quick to appoint a three member committee to inquire into the bond issue.

The above speech by the PM was part of a debate that took place in Parliament.

So what did the PM’s committee, better known as the ‘Pitipana Committee’ do?

Watch the clip below…

PM “not set free”

Attorney-at-Law Sunil Watagala also pointed out that, according to the report, Prime Minister is not set free entirely.

Watagala says that one ‘key concept’ in the Code of Criminal Procedure is regarding the behavior of an individual “before and after committing a crime”.

“Following the Bond issue, the Prime Minister appointed the Pitipana Committee. The people who were appointed were those who had no understanding about the bond issue. We believe the entire Pitipana Committee report was an attempt to conceal this crime.” he added.

He went on to say the following: “After this was exposed, how did one behave? They included a person who was not remotely involved in COPE into COPE proceedings. He was used to publish a book as well. This is the behavior after the incident.

Att.-at-Law Watagala urged the Attorney General to look at this evidence.

‘This is not about one political party’

We are not talking about one particular political party, we are talking in general.

Allegations were made against;

  • Arjuna Mahendran
  • Arjun Aloysius
  • The primary dealer
  • Minister Kabir Hashim
  • Malik Samarawickrama

Phone conversations between certain individuals and purchases were exposed at the Commission.

The petty actions of single individuals have brought disrepute on to political parties that pioneered politics in the country.

Should the Political Party be held accountable for the wrong doings of certain individuals?

Rusiripala Tennakoon said the following:

“The United National Party is an extremely good party which produced good gentlemen like D.S. Senanayake. It was first democratic party which was created in our country. We should not reprimand the party just because of a few people. To clean up the party, the few rogues should step out.”

Lakshman Kiriella – Before and after

Previously, Minister Lakshman Kiriella had said that there is no wrongdoing regarding the bond auction.

When a journalist questioned him today, this is what he had to say…

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