UPFA Alliance Executive Committee Meeting held under auspices of the president

UPFA Alliance Executive Committee Meeting held under auspices of the president

UPFA Alliance Executive Committee Meeting held under auspices of the president

Written by Staff Writer

05 Dec, 2017 | 11:23 pm

The United People’s Freedom Alliance Executive Committee meeting at the Presidential Palace today was attended by several members of the Joint Opposition including its leader, Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunewardena.

The meeting held under the auspices of the President, was attended by the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna, Desha Vimukthi Janatha Party and the Sri Lanka Mahajana Party, representing the Joint Opposition.

Some of the representatives of these parties were Executive Committee members of the UPFA.

Other constituent parties of the UPFA including the Ceylon Workers’ Congress and National Congress also attended the meeting.

According to Minister Mahinda Amaraweera General Secretary of UPFA, they have taken the decision today, December 05, that MPs who represent the SLFP under the UPFA will not be campaigning for any other candidate other than those contesting for the SLFP and UPFA, and that they shall support the groups contesting under ‘our ticket.’

A question was raised about the proposal MP Dinesh Gunewardea made.

“He made a request at the UPFA meeting to grant them permission to contest separately or independently under their respective parties in those particular electorates. We approved this with no issue. We are definitely in a winning position. We are in a far better position than when we started. No one will leave the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. As an Alliance, Mahinda Rajapaksa is in favour and so are the party seniors, but a small group are not. This is where the problem stemmed from, ” said Minister Amaraweera.

According to Lasantha Alagiyawanna Deputy Minister of Finance and Mass Media, it was decided at the meeting that both parties will contest the election with a strong Alliance.

Vijith Wijayamuni Zoysa Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Management stated that collaborating with the flower bud will not be relevant as they are the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. However, what the others have to do is to join with the SLFP but it will be the others choice. “We as a party will victoriously contest the election”, he said.

Attending a media briefing in Anuradhapura later today, Deputy Leader of the National Freedom Party Front MP Weerakumara Dissanayake expressed his thoughts.

“The decision whether I am going to join the government or not depends on what we do now. If one needs to destroy him there is only way. That is to move him to aside and squash him. Is this thought by the people the correct one ? If one can give an answer by selecting either of the two maps of Sri Lanka , then we can accept an answer”.

He said that the people who do not want harmony decide on the map. There is an eqaution they have made here. In this equation all are losers. Political Leaders do not act like this.

He further state that those who want to work against Mahinda Rajapaksa are working with Wickremesinghe.

They want divisions.They want to us to act separately. This is a political crime.If those who want to separate are saying this is not the picture of promoting separation , what is the picture they claim to show separation ? This is their map of Unity, he said.

There are issues, but this is the solution if you unite. In politics there is no eternal unification or eternal separation. He says that he will not follow this policy. He states that “Weerakumara does not have a desire for dollars. The people who made this map are the one’s who have taken dollars. “

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