Fuel Crisis: Arguments, brawls and actions of the Police (VIDEO)

Fuel Crisis: Arguments, brawls and actions of the Police (VIDEO)

Written by Lahiru Fernando

07 Nov, 2017 | 10:42 pm

The sudden panic caused by the fuel scarcity has put all Sri Lankans on their toes.

It has wrecked so much havoc across the country that people are starting to ‘lose their cool’ in their process.

Just yesterday (November 6), an employee at the Kohuwala filling station was attacked by an angry customer.

What happened?

A customer who arrived at the filling station wanted to fill fuel into a bottle, after pumping fuel to his motorbike.

However, as instructed by higher officials, the employee refused to do so.

The rejected request turned into an argument, which escalated into a brawl.

News 1st correspondent in the area said the filling station employee had sustained injuries in the incident.

According to the Police Media Spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekera, the two men later resolved the issue among themselves.

This incident is just one, and tensions keep growing among the general public. Given the situation, Police officers have been dispatched to filling stations, upon requests from filling station owners.

“Police protection has been provided at filling stations at the request of its respective owners and officials. We mainly intend on maintaining law and order.” – SP Ruwan Gunasekera, Police Media Spokesperson

The Kalutara Incident

Everyone on social media know how one gallant man stood up for the people and for what’s right when a certain ‘Luxury Vehicle’ was given prominence by Police at a fuel station in Kalutara yesterday (November 6).

SP Gunasekara was questioned by a journalist on the matter; “There is an accusation that the Police are providing assistance to other vehicles while the rest stay in line.”

“No that is wrong, you cannot do that.” said SP Gunasekara.

He pointed out that priority can be given to Police vehicles, given there is an emergency. However, he also stated that there are separate filling stations for Police vehicles.

“Other than that, the Police has to ensure that everyone is treated equally. In this instance, what happened was wrong.” he added.

Does Police need a complaint to take action?

SP Gunasekara say that there is no complaint lodged regarding yesterday’s Kalutara incident.

News 1st also published footage on the conduct of a Police Officer in Maharagama yesterday.

While SP Ruwan Gunasekara say that there is no complaint, the people wonder;

Is it absolutely necessary for a complaint to be lodged for an investigation on these incidents?

If that is the case,

What is the role of the Police?

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