Sheree Atcheson reunited with SL mother: a classic, movie like reunion with a twist!

Sheree Atcheson reunited with SL mother: a classic, movie like reunion with a twist!

Written by Staff Writer

19 Oct, 2017 | 10:50 pm

Dreams do come true. They do not come on a silver platter, but if you work hard enough, you will one day overcome all challenges and reach your dreams.

Such is the lesson we learn from the classic reunion between a mother and a daughter. A love for a mother, so strong, it conquered thousands of miles, many countries and continents to find each other again after 26 long years.

We at news 1st previously reported on Sri Lankan born Sheree Atcheson, an IT tycoon in the United Kingdom.

She faced many a challenge to reach success and to be listed as one of the UK’s Top 50 Most Influential Women in Information Technology in 2017.

But there was another challenge which was in the mind of Sheree….

And that, was to find her Sri Lankan biological mother.

Sheree was born on the 28th of February 1991 with the name ‘Niroshika’.

She has contributed massively in designing the online voting system in the UK and has spoken at many global events such as the World Economic Forum, has achieved possibly every success in her professional career.

Images of Sheree’s mother were posted on the internet by News 1st Digital on numerous occasions to seek public assistance. And at around 1 pm yesterday (October 18), we received a decisive and a potential life changing call from the Melsiripura area in Kurunegala.

The caller, a male, revealed that the pictures showed by was his relative and that he had inquired about the matter from his aunt upon seeing our news report.

Upon confirming her location in the Gampaha District, Sheree waited anxiously in hope, as a News 1st team immediately traveled to Matale.

Our team met the woman in question around 9 pm. She earns a living as an employee at a garment factory and lives in a small room.

Photographs of Sheree Atcheson and the features of the woman in question showed a very close resemblance.

This amazing story, the classic reunion, had a twist up it’s sleeve -just like from a scene out of a movie….

Sheree has a twin sister.

The woman we met said Sheree’s twin sister is married, and that she and her brother know nothing about Sheree.

Therefore News 1st will continue to keep the woman’s identity anonymous.

“My husband died when I was expecting my daughter. It was difficult to raise her after that. And because it was difficult to live, I gave her to a nurse to be raised. I kept her for 15 days after giving birth to her. She was kept at this nurses house. The nurse said her husband is a foreigner. On a later day, the nurse and her husband took me and the baby in the car and dropped me halfway and left with the baby.”

Why did she give the child away? -this is the burning question in everyone’s mind….

She said “I did it because I had no way of raising her. I ran out of milk to feed her as well. My husband died a month before she was born. I does not matter if I meet her not, as long as she is living well somewhere.”

However, the only way to confirm this claim is through a DNA test.

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