Bond Scam: Text message evidence reveal a ‘To Do List’ maintained for “AM and RK”

Bond Scam: Text message evidence reveal a ‘To Do List’ maintained for “AM and RK”

Bond Scam: Text message evidence reveal a ‘To Do List’ maintained for “AM and RK”

Written by Lahiru Fernando

03 Oct, 2017 | 10:27 pm

Remember the text message exchange taken from the mobile phone of Arjun Aloysius?

Those text messages have lead to more revelations at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the alleged Bond Scam.

This time around, the messages recovered from the mobile of Steve Samuel have exposed a ‘To Do List’ maintained for persons called AM and RK.

Ring a bell?

A series of messages exchanged between Steven Samuel and Arjun Aloysius were placed as evidence before the commission.

Text from November 22, 2016: ” We have A. Mahendran to do list”

Responding to the text, Arjuna Mahendran says “it could refer to anyone and maybe his son Arvin Mahendran or daughter Anjali Mahendran.”

Another text on the same day: ” Chairman, awaiting update on to do list for Arjuna M. and RK”.

Mahendran said again that he does not know whom the messages refer to. He added that he addresses Ravi Karunanayake by Ravi K and not RK.

At this point the Senior Additional Solicitor General Dappula De Livera recalled a conversation that took place when Ravi Karunanayake stood before the commission.

Ravi Karunanayake said when he was summoned that nobody calls him Ravi K.

Text from January 5, 2017: ” 05:30PM with AM and Lasantha at Flower Road residence”.

Counsel asked Mahendran if he knew Advisor to then Finance Minister Lasantha Somaratne and if his daughter had any dealings with the advisor.

Mahendran responded saying his daughter was employed at Religare Investments in Singapore at the time the text was sent.

Senior Additional Solicitor General Dappula De Livera then claimed Arjuna Mahendran was fully involved with Perpetual Treasuries Limited and Arjun Aloysius during his term as Governor and after.

The Former Governor of the Central Bank was questioned in the phone conversation between Arjun Aloysius and Kasun Palisena during the March 29, 2016 auction.

Mahendran accepted that a primary dealer knowing rates at which a state bank would bid, the volume EPF would bid and a possibility of a rate cut is having access to market sensitive information.

The Senior Additional Solicitor General said Aloysius, the son in law of Arjuna Mahendran, was getting price sensitive information during the auction and was manipulating the market and Mahendran as Governor and father in law set the stage for that to happen.

Arjuna Mahendran said the staff transfers that led to an outcry at the Central Bank during his tenure were done because he wanted to place competent officers in divisions because the Central Bank was emanating losses and there were operational lapses.

Commenting on the PTL default on the Intra-Day Liquidity Facility, Mahendran said he said the respective department head was informed to take action and grant no favours.

However the AGs Department said, Mahendran had in-fact asked the department head to speak to him before taking any action again Perpetual Treasuries Limited.

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