Presidential Commission into bond scam: Voice calls removed and recopied, all data files missing

Presidential Commission into bond scam: Voice calls removed and recopied, all data files missing

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29 Aug, 2017 | 9:08 pm

Shocking revelations were made at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry today.

When Metropolitan Communications (Pvt) Ltd visited Perpetual Treasuries Limited, it had discovered that voice calls from the 01st of February 2015 to the end of June that year, had been removed and copied back into the respective folder in the system, and all data files were missing.

According to the service agreement, there can be no removal or alteration of the system without consent from the service provider.

Metropolitan Communications (Pvt) Ltd in assistance with it parent company Xtend Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. submitted a report to the Presidential Commission.

Perpetual Treasuries Limited had requested for a Voice Logger System in 2015 from Metropolitan Communications (Pvt) Ltd.

The system provided by Metropolitan Communications (Pvt) Ltd. saves all voice calls as wave format files in one folder and the details of the calls as a data base in another folder.

In came to light that in June 2015, that Sachith Devatantri the IT person from Perpetual Treasuries Limited has sent an email to Metropolitan Communications (Pvt) Ltd citing an error in the system.The error was that several digits of the incoming call number are not displayed in some calls.

The Chief Engineer of Metropolitan Communications (Pvt) Ltd, N. Dharmaratne, said this issue was completely rectified in December 2015.

In an affidavit the CEO of Perpetual Treasuries Limited, Kasun Palisena, had said the system does not indicate the caller ID or call time and calls are only reflected as serial numbers.

The Chief Engineer of Metropolitan Communications noted that the statement is a lie and the system contains all details of any call.

He is not sure if Perpetual Treasuries Limited is in fact, using the PC that was originally provided to them with the system.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department had visited Perpetual Treasuries Limited and seized the call recording system and the back-up. The system is now sealed and held under the custody of the Secretary to the Commission.

CID detectives had recorded a statement from Sachith Devatantri – the person in charge of IT at Perpetual Treasuries Limited.

On Tueday morning Additional Solicitor General, Dappula de Livera, requested the Presidential Commission to take action against Perpetual Treasuries Limited and Kasun Palisena for contempt, and providing fabricated material as evidence, and alleged the Commission is being misled.

During the cross examination of Perpetual Treasuries Limited CE,O Kasun Palisena, Senior State Counsel Shaheeda Barrie pointed out that Perpetual Treasuries Limited bid at high volumes at auctions with minimum cash in hand and manipulated the market rates.

She pointed out that Kasun Palisena had prior knowledge to sell the securities to the EPF and other government funds. Palisena said he reported to Geoffrey Aloysius on the actions of Perpetual Treasuries Limited.

However, when he wanted advise on company matters, Palisena has consulted Geoffrey Aloysius and Arjun Aloysius.

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