Wellawatte building deemed an illegal construction – CMC to file legal action

Wellawatte building deemed an illegal construction – CMC to file legal action

By Keshala Dias

May 19, 2017 | 8:40 pm

Commissioner of the Colombo Municipal Council V. K. Anura says that the building that collapsed in Wellawatte was an illegal construction.The Commissioner stated that legal action will be taken against the owner of the building.

Twenty-four people were injured following the building collapse.

A person was rescued from the debris, on Thursday evening, after hours of extensive operations. However he died soon after being admitted to hospital.

The victim was a thirty-one year old resident of Kolongoda in Hasalaka.

Relatives of two people who are considered missing in the debris arrived at the site of the incident today while the rescue operations are continuing.


CMC Commissioner noted that the building was constructed in an unsuitable location, which is on the edge of the canal and that the construction has not been done according to the approved plan.

“The illegal constructions in Colombo have exceeded 10,000 now”, added the CMC Commissioner.



Patali Champika Ranawaka (Minister of Megapolis and Western Development): [quote]”The seven storey reception hall has been constructed without any approval from the CMC. I personally wrote to the IGP to arrest the owner under the penal code”.[/quote]

The National Building Research Organisation inspected the collapsed building this evening and noted the following:

[quote]”From what we see there is steel that has the SLS certificate and some that have been imported. We cannot tell the strength of the imported steel. A lab test needs to be conducted. We can see an issue in the columns as well. We do not know the kind of solution used to lay the foundation. We will hold investigations”.[/quote]

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