Recent chaos in parliament and alleged ‘deals’ between PM and former president

Recent chaos in parliament and alleged ‘deals’ between PM and former president

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12 Mar, 2017 | 7:37 am

The Sri Lankan Parliament – whenever there is a parliamentary session- is an interesting place in general. However, the past week has been even more interesting than usual.

From tensions flaring, to MPs walking out, it has been an eventful week for Sri Lankans who are observing parliamentary sessions and politicians alike.

Even though Parliament convened to discuss burning issues faced by the people, what the public saw were debates that arose between MPs.

The following is a rundown of things unfolded in parliament during the week past;

MP Wimal Weerawansa arrives in Parliament on a prison bus and celebrates his birthday
Weerawansa’s birthday celebrations challenged in Parliament.

Speaker forced to adjourn parliament on multiple occasion over the past week

Police enter parliamentary chambers after 23 years to remove MP Dinesh Gunawardene from the chamber.
Government MPs stage a walkout

The events that unfolded in parliament was the talk of the political stage today. March 11.

The most interesting and thought provoking view came from T.B. Sarath, who said that the four previous sessions in parliament were sabotaged as a result of a deal struck between Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Joint Opposition.

“..Issues such as SAITM, reparations for farmers and the bond scam lost their priority due to this issue. This is the result of a deal between Ranil Wickremesinghe and Mahinda Rajapaksa ..” he added.

What else? Watch the video below and find out.

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