President rejects calls for hybrid courts and foreign judges

President rejects calls for hybrid courts and foreign judges

President rejects calls for hybrid courts and foreign judges

Written by Tharushan Fernando

04 Mar, 2017 | 9:16 pm

President Maithripala Sirisena says that he vehemently rejects the UN Human Rights Commissioner’s call to form a hybrid court consisting of foreign judges.

During an inspection of the Sri Lanka Air Force Camp in Palali on Saturday, President Sirisena said that he is not prepared to govern the country based the opinions of the NGOs and file charges against the security forces.

“… They are calling on us to file charge sheets against the armed forces with the involvement of foreign judges. I have made it clear to them that we are not prepared to do that”, said the president.

The president charged that there are citizens who do not fulfill their duties and their responsibilities, and they are engaged in spreading misinformation regarding the security forces after obtaining massive amounts of dollars and pounds via NGOs.

“I am not prepared to govern according to the whims of the NGOs and persons with international engagements. I am not prepared to bring charge sheets against the three-armed forces, as called for by them. I am not prepared to try the three armed forces according their whims. That needs to be made clear. Therefore, I make it clear that I will fulfill all my duties and responsibilities ..”the president further stated.

The president visited the Security Forces Headquarters – Jaffna and inquired into the well-being of the military personnel stationed there.

The president thereafter visited the Palali Air Force Base and engaged in a cordial discussion with the airmen at the base.

The first regional office of the ” Tell the President ” programme commenced at the Northern Province Governors Office today.

The president said that a new programme will be implemented for the development of the Northern Province and added that he will visit the North accompanied by ministers and MPs, once a month, and expedite the development of the North.

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