Project Loon: Canagey and RAMA in an attempt to ‘loon’ Sri Lanka?

Project Loon: Canagey and RAMA in an attempt to ‘loon’ Sri Lanka?

Project Loon: Canagey and RAMA in an attempt to ‘loon’ Sri Lanka?

Written by Lahiru Fernando

03 Mar, 2017 | 11:22 pm

We have been bringing you stories and updates about Google’s ‘Project Loon’ and the connections of ICTA and a company known as ‘RAMA’.

Recently the ICTA CEO Muhunthan Canagey had an interview with a Sri Lankan tech website.

Questions regarding the ICTA-Loon project and Canagey’s appointment as CEO of ICTA have been on the rise. Given that, it was obviously going to be a topic of discussion during the interview.

According to Canagey, Sri Lankan born tech-enterpruner Chamath Palihapitiya met with President Maithripala Sirisena on the 6th of april 2016. However by the time the meeting took place, the Google’s Project Loon balloon had already crashed in Sri Lanka.

Speaking to BBC, Canagey had said the ‘Project Loon’ balloon entered Sri Lankan air-space in February 2016 after taking off from South America. And then by February 17, the Balloon Crashed in Gampola.

The RAMA connection

Indicentally, the much talked about ‘RAMA’ corporation was established on June 26, 2016 -well before the test was initiated.

According to charges leveled by Civil and Political activists, ‘Loon’ is a guise by RAMA to engage in other transactions. They warn that RAMA’s attempts to obtain a frequency on the spectrum could be an attempt to “utilize it for a commercial purpose”.

November 10, 2015 – Business Insider

An article was published on the Business insider – saying RAMA “is already licensing spectrum in Sri Lanka”.

The article read that Chamath plans on molding Rama into a modern carrier — one that can do things like easy billing and isn’t “stuck in a legacy structure“.

DRC (Department of Registrar of Companies) says the company -registered on June 26, 2015- has two directors. P. Sivagananathan and malaka Chaminda Bandara with one share each.

Meanwhile in India….

A similar request by Google India to allocate the frequency band of 700 to 900MHz in India for Project Loon project was rejected. Google was asked to submit a revised proposal with a different frequency band.

Currently In Sri Lanka, this spectrum range is being utilized by VHF Television stations.

Doesn’t this once again raise the very concerns showcased by civil and political activists over the past weeks regarding the ICTA CEO?

Muhunthan Canagey currently occupies the position of CEO at ICTA. The interesting part? President’s instructions were to employ Canagey only as a director of ICTA.

“.. the government has fallen to a level where they no longer follow instructions issued by the president through a letter.” – Voice Against Corruption


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