Protests staged in Gampaha District divisional secretariats

Protests staged in Gampaha District divisional secretariats

Protests staged in Gampaha District divisional secretariats

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30 Jan, 2017 | 9:18 pm

Protests were staged in a number of divisional secretariats in the Gampaha District against the actions of deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayake.

Officers of the Divulapitiya Divisional Secretariat marched into the centre of the town and expressed their protest.

It was reported that the protest disturbed the flow of traffic along the Negombo – Meerigama road for nearly half an hour.

Another protest was staged by members of the Gampaha Divisional Secretariat and the Gampaha District Secretariat.

The protestors engaged in a march to the Gampaha train station.

“..We need to tell minister Ranjan Ramanayake that this is not acting. You can enter Parliament by showing off your body and money but no one in the Gampaha District will allow you to threaten public servants in this manner..”, a protestor said.

“..Actors should act and politicians should govern the country, such a situation arose because this got mixed up..”,  said Venerable Yakkaduwe Rahula Thero, the Coordinator for Buddhist Affairs – Gampaha Divisional Secretariat.

Yet another two protests were staged opposite the Katana Divisional Secretariat and in Meerigama.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Janasetha Peramuna Venerable Battaramulle Seelarathana Thero inspected the land excavation site located in the Akaragama area in Divulapitiya.

Venerable Battaramulle Seelarathana Thero who visited the site which was inspected by Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake a few days ago, engaged in a discussion with the residents.

“.. State officials could be at fault or they might not be at fault. State officials carry out the instructions of whoever comes into power. As a politician Ranjan Ramanayake came here to inspect the location. Who misled the state officials? It was the politicians, then it is the politicians who should first come together and seek forgiveness from the people..”, said the Venerable Thero.

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