Official decisions by unofficial individuals

Official decisions by unofficial individuals

Official decisions by unofficial individuals

Written by Tharushan Fernando

30 Jan, 2017 | 9:07 pm

Over the past few weeks allegations were constantly leveled that the major decisions taken by the current administration were influenced by individuals who do not have any official appointments.

A petition filed with the supreme court details that an individual has been appointed as the chairman designate of the Southern Development Authority and had been involved in the negotiations of the agreements on the Hambantota port, even though such an authority does not exist.

Dr. Lalithasiri Gunaruwan, a former ministry secretary filed a petition with the supreme court on the 11th of January seeking a quash order on the agreement to hand over control of the Hambantota port to a Chinese company.

The petition points out that Act number 1 of 2013 or the Divineguma act abolished the southern development authority.

It also points out that in such a backdrop an individual by the name of Shirantha Herath has been appointed as the Chairman Designate of the Southern Development Authority in order to negotiate the deal on the Hambantota port.

The Fundamental rights petition points out that this is unlawful and calls on the Supreme Court to issue an order to stop the deal from proceeding.

The petition is due to be taken up for consideration on the 3rd of February.

On the 7th of this month an agreement on Vocational training was signed at the premises of the Mattala airport. The agreement was signed by the Chinese ambassador and the chairman designate of the southern development authority Shirantha Herath.

Civil as well as political activists have also been questioning the appointment of Managala Yapa as the Managing director designate of a institute known as the agency for development.

A letter by the anti corruption front to the Secretary of the Ministry of Development Strategies and international trade questions as to how funds are being allocated for an institute which does not exist legally and for an individual who is employed at this institute.

The secretary is yet to respond to the question raised by the Anti-Corruption Front…

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