Mahendran’s involvement in Finance Ministry affairs questioned

Mahendran’s involvement in Finance Ministry affairs questioned

Mahendran’s involvement in Finance Ministry affairs questioned

Written by Tharushan Fernando

27 Jan, 2017 | 8:03 pm

Arjuna Mahendran’s current positioning, following his removal from the post of Governor at the Central Bank, has come under question during the past few days

The Anti-Corruption Front charges that he is holding a positions and attends Finance Ministry meetings and also advises the present governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.


RAVIResponding to these allegations , the Finance Minister said that the it is the Prime Minister who makes a call and even though it is being said that ‘such a person has been appointed, it is not so

“… If the Prime Minister makes the call, we will definitely have to bring-in anyone. You are trying to create an issue here. You say that such a person has been appointed. But we say no. But, If the Prime Minister or the President send us someone, there is no issue in them attending the meeting. I was asked if I made an appointment and I said no …” he said

Minister of Petroleum Resources Development,Chandima Weerakkody said thjat the President had removed him and has not invited the former govenor.

The minister’s rresponse showed an unawareness of the tasks or presence of Arjun Mahendran who has been seen travelling with the Prime Minister to attend meetings

“… I have seen him at several places. I am not well aware of that. My job is not to look in to where other people are going …” he said

The Citizen’s Organization charge that the Government has failed to clarify whether Arjuna Mahendran holds a Government position or not. W

They also charge that the media is being intimidated while persons like Malik Samarawickreme are not aware of what took place at the 08th of January Movement.

“They came out of no where. They were not involved in public movements. They are trying to destroy the 08th of Janaury conversion. The Government and the Prime Minister must respond. Who is speaking the truth ? …” said Chameera Perera (Citizen’s Organization)

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