SLFP recommends second term for President Sirisena

SLFP recommends second term for President Sirisena

By Tharushan Fernando

Jan 11, 2017 | 7:43 pm

The SLFP recommended that the president should run for a second term despite his promises to abolish executive powers prior to his election in to office

Minister Faiszer Mustapha, speaking at a media briefing convened by the SLFP today,said that president should be allowed to run for second term.

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike said previously that it was not likely that the executive powers will be reduced despite what the President said before he was elected.

faizer“We consider the Party and the Central Working Committee as one. It may be a former President or anyone who make statements. But the party’s stance will be the stance of the Central Working committee”, said the Minister

He recommended that the President Sirisena should take on a second term and that he will be in office for six years as he was elected through a public mandate.


The President, prior to being elected, had promised to abolish the Executive Presidency however Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara  said that this was just an opinion of the President and the SLFP thinks he should contest for a second term.

daya“If the Executive Presidency is not abolished by 2021 we will request our current President to run for the presidential election again”, he said

Minister Vijith Wijayamuni de Soysa stated that the President should not be allowed to retire because he is engages in clean politics and promotes reconciliation and resolve issues of the people

“Citizens of this country seek his leadership. We cannot let go of him. It is a responsibility of the nation as well as the party to get him to serve this country”, he said.

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