Political scam to nab commercial property in Ampara?

Political scam to nab commercial property in Ampara?

Political scam to nab commercial property in Ampara?

Written by Tharushan Fernando

14 Jan, 2017 | 8:16 pm

There is a serious shortage of residential land in the Ampara administrative division as a result of land being allocated for institutions established under the Gal Oya project, and the acquiring of lands by the government in later years, to establish public institutions.

The Ampara town also comes under the purview of the Ampara Divisional Secretariat.

A large area of land belonging to the Gal Oya North Eastern Sanctuary is located a short distance from the clock tower in the Ampara town, and as such, the area is governed by rules and regulations enforced by the Department of Wildlife.

Against this backdrop, the last land kachcheri for residential purposes for low income families, middle class families, public sector employees and others, in Ampara, was held in 2011.

While more than 600 persons registered at the land kachcheri and confirmed their suitability to receive a plot of residential land, the official who held the position of Divisional Secretary of Ampara until December 2015, has failed to allocate land for even a single individual who was registered at the 2011 kachcheri.

However, during this period, politicians and businessmen have been able to acquire land within the limits of the Ampara town, on the recommendation of this official.The only area of land that is still available from the land that was originally selected for the 2011 land kachcheri, is a limited area located in the Karangolla Grama Niladhari division.

The current Divisional Secretary has taken steps to ensure that at least this plot of land is allocated for persons registered through the land kachcheri.

Meanwhile, efforts have been made to misappropriate one of the most valuable plots of land within the urban limits of Ampara, notwithstanding the objections of the Divisional Secretary.The three- perch plot of land, has been zoned as commercial land.

While the land cannot be provided for residential purposes it was acquired by the state several years ago, to be used for needs of the state.Nevertheless, a member of the minor staff of the Ampara Urban Council has acquired the land on a long term lease, with ten perches allocated for residential purposes and 29 perches allocated for commercial purposes.

Meawnhile, residents of the Samapura Grama Niladhari Division who do not have land of their own, are questioning the basis on which 10 perches of this land, which is under the purview of their Grama Niladhari Division, has been provided to the minor staffer of the Urban Council, who has not been registered at any land kachcheri.

Given that the minor staffer of the Urban Council is not a businessman, it is also surprising that he has been able to lease 29 perches of commercial land.

This individual has already paid the total lease amount for both plots of land amounting to 1 million 142 thousand 400 rupees.

Given that the Commissioner General of Land himself either knowingly or unknowingly allowed the lease to proceed, shouldn’t inquiries be made to ascertain whether the minor staffer in question, is the true owner of this land?

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