Author McDavid says his disability is merely a challenge in life

Author McDavid says his disability is merely a challenge in life

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30 Dec, 2016 | 10:01 pm

Today (December 30th), News 1st caught up with 25-year-old Janis McDavid, who was born with no arms and legs. Yet he goes to university, drives a car and travels the world, while most of us complain when we have all that’s needed.

Janis McDavid is also the author of a book titled “Your Best Life: About the Courage to Surpass Yourself and Make the Impossible Possible”. Even with his disability, Janis does whatever is possible alone with little-to-no assistance and says his disability is only a challenge in life.

Bandula Jayasekara : Can I offer you a glass of water?

Janis: Yes thank you….

Bandula Jayasekara : I’m sorry but I’m not going to serve it to you even though we Sri Lankans do it; but you can have it on your own?

Janis : I can have it on my own. Yes of course. And this is actually good because my parents did the same. You know, when I was younger, when I was a child and I wanted to drink something my parents just gave me like this like a glass or a bottle of water and they told me “just try to open it” because they wanted me to do as most as possible on my own. But actually this is more interesting in a train when the train is like this (shaking) But it works.

Bandula Jayasekara : But you still manage?

Janis : Yeah, I still manage. I always try to do all the things I can do, to do them on my own.

Janis also spoke to the senior officials of the Capital Maharaja Organization on the importance of achieving one’s full potential, regardless of one’s disabilities.

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