Development Special Provisions Bill defeated by 3 Provincial Councils

Development Special Provisions Bill defeated by 3 Provincial Councils

Development Special Provisions Bill defeated by 3 Provincial Councils

Written by Tharushan Fernando

23 Dec, 2016 | 9:13 pm

Provincial Chief Ministers say that the Prime Minister has agreed to amend the Development Special Provisions Bill and re-submit to the Provincial Councils.

This was revealed after they met with the Prime Minister this afternoon.

There was strong criticism over the past few days against the Development Special Provisions Bill citing that Two Super Minister Positions would be created.

Today, the Development Special Provisions Bill was discussed between the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister.

What is notable is that the discussion was only attended by the Chief Ministers of the Western , Easter , Uva and Southern Provinces.

Two Chief Ministers are currently overseas while another three could not participate due their Provincial Council Meetings.

The Chief Ministers who attended the meeting said that the future of the Development Special Provinsions Bill which has been rejected by several Provincial Councils was extensively discussed.

Chief Minister of the Southern Province,Shan Vijayalal De Silva pointed out that as persons who favor centralizing powers of the Provincial Councils there will be no agreement to a procedure that allows these powers to be centralized around one individuals and for those powers to be curtailed and the Prime Minister and Minister Malik Samarawickrama ensured that such a situation would not arise

Chief Minister of the Western Province,Isura Devapriya said that the P.M was informed that a board should be appointed for this and not a minister which sees the representation of the Local Government Bodies and he agreed to make amendments .

This evening the Development Special Provisions Bill submitted to the North Central Provincial Council was taken up for debate following which it was defeated by a majority of 09 votes.

Only the 10 UNP Councilors voted in favour of it while 19 UPFA Councilors including the Chief Ministers voted against.

JVP Councilor Wasantha Samarasinghe and Independent Councilor Kings Nelson did not attend todays sessions.

At the Northern Provincial Council, this bill was unanimously rejected.

Chairman of the Northern Provincial Council,C.V.K Sivagnanam added that this bill cannt be agreed upon since it creates a powerul Minister with a powerful Ministry is against the devolution of power and thus it will be unanimously opposed

The Eastern Provincial Council convened today aimed at discussing this bill.

The council convened for around 10 Minites and was then adjourned to the 30th of January.

Chief Minister of the Eastern Province,Nazir Ahamed added that there was no time to debate this issue since the budget was being debtated therefore it was decided that this matter would be taken on during the next session

This bill was also rejected by a majority of 04 votes at the Uva Provincial Council.

Of the 23 Councilors only the 09 UNP Members voted in favor of it. Chief Minister Chamara Sampath Dassanayake abstained during the vote.

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