Dengue vaccine and Sri Lanka – waiting for opinion of experts

Dengue vaccine and Sri Lanka – waiting for opinion of experts

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18 Dec, 2016 | 9:59 am

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that if the medicines that have been invented to control Dengue are being used by the countries around the world, Dengue can be eradicated.

Close to hundred countries across the globe are affected by Dengue. Accordingly 40% of the earth’s population is at risk from Dengue.

The World Health Organisation data shows that 390 million people across the globe are affected by the disease.

The number of Dengue patients increased to its highest during this year (2016) in the country. The amount of patients stood at a staggering 48 600,with 76 reported deaths.

While countries around the world are using vaccines to control the disease, the Health Ministry of Sri Lanka is of the opinion that Dengue can be controlled or eradicated with good practices such as ensuring a clean environment.

A number of countries which have stepped out of the box when it comes to tackling this issue are successfully using vaccines.

Indonesia with a population of 250 million, Thailand with a population of 60 million, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil and even countries like Costa Rica are using these vaccines to save people from falling victim to the disease.

Why hasn’t Sri Lanka with a population of 22 million people have taken steps to use vaccines to stop Dengue?

Public Health Specialist of the Dengue Eradication Unit Dr. Prashila Samaraweera, speaking to News 1st, said that it is  a long process in terms of vaccines and there are a number of experts who are studying the matter.

She added that they will provide it to the people after making sure it is suitable and Dengue vaccines will be purchased when the specialists recommend it.

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