Gammadda100 : Day 65 – Projects launched in Eastern, Sabaragamuwa provinces

Gammadda100 : Day 65 – Projects launched in Eastern, Sabaragamuwa provinces

Gammadda100 : Day 65 – Projects launched in Eastern, Sabaragamuwa provinces

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23 Sep, 2016 | 6:45 am

Two projects completed on Thursday, September 22, under the Gammadda 100 day initiative, in the Eastern and the Sabaragamuwa provinces, were vested with the public.

Uththuchenai – a rural village in the Batticaloa District

The government mixed school in the area was the only source of knowledge in Uththuchenai as the children did not have the ability nor the privilege to attend a school in the city. Until today, the students had to quench their thirst for knowledge while being unable to satisfy their thirst for water…

Taking on the task at hand, the Gammadda 100-Day Initiative successfully changed the situation, giving new hopes for the future leaders who will be taking charge in shaping the country’s future.

A renovated building complex was also declared open today for these students, who engage in their academic activities with great hopes of serving their country.

The Sri Lanka Army joined hands with Gammadda 100-Day Initiative to assist these children under the Directives of Lt. General Krishantha De Silva, Commander of the Army.

The project was completed under the supervision of the commander of the Security Force Headquarters – East, Major General Udayantha Wijeratne, Major General Darshana Hettiarachchi and Brigadier Athula Marasinghe.

Gange Yaya village, Embilipitiya

For over two decades, people living in the Gange Yaya village in Embilipitiya and the surrounding areas had to undergo a number of hardships to save the water that they received from the Udawala reservoir.

Providing a solution to their problem, the Gammadda 100-Day Initiative was able to develop the Gange Yaya canal with the support of the Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation

The entry route to the Gange yaya village was also renovated on the side lines, bringing joy to the residents of the village.

Officials of the Mahaweli Authority also provided a document to the Gammadda 100 project officials stating that the project had been completed successfully inline with the proper standards…

“You are equivalent to our lives. You will be blessed with every beat of hearts,” said a villager commenting on the efforts of News1st’s Gammadda.

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