Sri Lankan Airlines Pilots Guild commences work-to-rule campaign

Sri Lankan Airlines Pilots Guild commences work-to-rule campaign

Sri Lankan Airlines Pilots Guild commences work-to-rule campaign

Written by Tharushan Fernando

09 Sep, 2016 | 10:36 pm

The SriLankan Airlines Pilots Guild has commenced a work to rule campaign. The guild has commenced the union action to protest the alleged unjust suspension of a pilot.

Meanwhile, SriLankan Airlines announced this evening that this was the action of a minority and that the majority of pilots support the airline.

SriLankan Airlines has suspended Captain Sujith Jayasekara pending an inquiry. Issuing a statement this evening, SriLankan Airlines noted that as a result of the delay of a flight from Frankfurt due to an inebriated pilot, steps were taken to conduct a breathalyzer test at the Katunayake Airport too.

The airline noted that the test is being conducted in line with civil aviation standards.The statement reads that Captain Sujith Jayasekara had refused the breathalyzer test on the 28th of August.The airline noted that since the refusal is considered a failure of the breathalyzer test under civil aviation laws, a decision was made to suspend the pilot pending an inquiry.

While security officers had not conducted the test subsequently the pilot had received clearance for the flight.Pilots say that the pilot in question was suspended following the flight.

President of the Pilots Guild,Capt. Renuka Senanayake stated that the suspended pilot did not refuse to undergo the test and all he did was pose a question.

“He said that if he undergoes the test he may be unable to go, if he feels that way then he should not go”,  said the President of the Pilots Guild

He explained that whenever a pilot faces any kind of mental stress they do not fly and have been given leave in such instances. And the suspended pilot was was willing to undergo the test but if he did, this would happen to him and when he said that the authorities acted this way but the test was not done and this is the problem.

“If he refused then he must be punished, we have no problem with that”, said the President of the Pilots Guild

Secretary for the Pilots Guild, Capt. Anura Abeysekara stated that as per the system to inspect alcohol use, the system that was faced by the pilot in this instance is wrong and the pilot has been suspended, so at this time the pilot must be reinstated and the system should be rectified,

“As such we have decided to work to the roster only”, said the Secretary,

The Pilots Guild points out that as a result of there being insufficient pilots at SriLankan Airlines to roster all flights, pilots are called on for additional flights as well.

They say that as a result of the work to rule campaign, problems may arise with the schedules of flights.

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