#Gammadda100: Day 41 – Days of shedding tears, long gone…

#Gammadda100: Day 41 – Days of shedding tears, long gone…

#Gammadda100: Day 41 – Days of shedding tears, long gone…

Written by Lahiru Fernando

29 Aug, 2016 | 9:49 pm

“If Sirasa (News 1st) can come forward to construct roads in the Gampaha District which is home to two former Prime ministers, a former President, a former Chief minister and two former speakers, the politicians should bow down and ask for forgiveness for failing to serve the country.”
Ven. Kosgahahinna Jeenananda Thero
Chief Prelate – Moragahagoda Mukalana Sri Sugatha Abirama Viharaya, Dambulla

The above statement was given by the Chief Prelate in response to the politicians who failed to construct a building to house students attending the Moragoda Mukalana Sri Sugatha Abirama Temple.

DAY 41/100

The hopeless politicians…

One group of people who will definitely be watching closely, are the politicians who failed to look into the matter, despite spending hundreds of thousands on other things.

“We went begging to the politicians looking for answers without anything to eat and with water in our bottles. But we were not provided a solution even then.” – Villager

The Benefactors

Samantha Perera, a Sri Lankan national residing in Japan facilitated the project which will ease the hardships of the villagers.

Perera, the Chief Benefactor of the project, joined the Gammadda Initiative following the intervention of the Chairman of Sri Lanka Maha Bodhi Society, Ven. Baanagala Upathissa Thero.

“People who are dedicated to their profession 24/7, are walking from rural village to rural village. I too am surprised at how Sirasa has been able to locate these villages. I believe that 4 wheel drive vehicles are needed to travel to such rural villages. The Four Wheel Drive vehicles being purchased by the government now should be given to Sirasa so they can travel to these villages. While he does not wear a monk’s robe, Mr. Rajamahendran is considerate towards all religions, and works with these valuable ideals. That is why we too extend our blessings to this Initiative. This project will be blessed and strengthened by the gods”
Ven. Baanagala Upathissa Thero
Chairman – Sri Lanka Maha Bodhi Society

Another businessman who pledged support to further develop the project is Yohan Pallemulla, who committed a sum of Rs. 300,000.

Water for Egasland -Days of shedding tears long gone…

14141675_1211829535543969_7680639613501436635_nMeanwhile, people of Egasland Estate in Ratnapura, who had access to water only for two hours a day, were provided a solution through the Gammadda 100 day initiative today (August 29).

The people had lamented before officials for a solution, but their cries had fallen on deaf years who kept the issue at bay.

But the days of shedding tears far exceeding the measly amount of water they had access to, are long gone…

Today, water was provided not only for the people of Egasland but also for the Medical Center in Balakotunna. The ability to quench the thirst of 7000 families was possible due to the contribution made by Lalitha Jayatilaka and B.N.K. Perera.

The Gammadda 100 Day initiative will continue to ease the suffering of our people whose lives are burdened with sadness and sorrow as we power on. With the people, For the people….


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