MP Bandula Gunewardena to step down as Homagama Electorate Organiser

MP Bandula Gunewardena to step down as Homagama Electorate Organiser

MP Bandula Gunewardena to step down as Homagama Electorate Organiser

Written by Tharushan Fernando

21 Aug, 2016 | 9:19 pm

MP Bandula Gunewardena said on Sunday that he will be stepping down from his post as Homagama Electorate Organiser for the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party immediately responded to the parliamentarian’s decision.

A group of locals in the Homagama area staged a protest on Sunday against the move to remove the foundation stone which was laid by the previous government for the construction of the National School of Business Management in Pitipana, Homagama.

Parliamentarian Bandula Gunewardena who arrived at the location of the protest, announced his decision there.

“While a leader of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party is speaking to the world as the leader of the country, I have been unable to contribute to the people of Homagama with at least a ball of twine over the past year and a half”,  said UPFA Parliamentarian Bandula Gunewardena.

He added that people who do not give even a single thought to such things, are the ones who take decisions on development – and thus a decision was taken to hand over the letter of resignation from the post as Sri Lanka Freedom Party Organiser for the Homagama electorate.

“I must now go and write my letter of resignation to the President. I will not change my mind about my decision”, said parliamentarian Bandula Gunewardena.

General Secretary of the UPFA, Minister Mahinda Amaraweera stated that palimentarian Bandula Gunewardena was known to be the weakest organiser in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

“I suppose there was a delay in us removing him from that post”, said the UPFA General Secretary who went on to note that parliamentarian Bandula Gunewardena probably would have known that he was going to be removed,  which lead to his frustation

He further noted that the parliamentarian has not established a single branch committee and has not done a single thing to organise the party. And even at the previous presidential election he did not engage in any political activity. So him resigning from that post is not much of an issue.

“We are actually quite pleased that he voluntarily stepped down”, said the UPFA General Secretary.

Minister of Social Empowerment and Welfare, S.B. Dissanayake stated that even if he didn’t step down he would have eventually been removed . And it was just a matter of time because he must either stand for the party or else he will be removed.

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