Experts unable to see bright side to CEB power generation consultations

Experts unable to see bright side to CEB power generation consultations

Written by Staff Writer

11 Aug, 2016 | 7:43 pm

Consultations carried out for the Ceylon Electricity Board for power generation has come under strong criticism from experts and civil organisations.

Executive Director of CaFFE Keerthi Tennakoon says that the Ceylon Electricity Board and the relevant lobby groups have a need to bring back coal power generation to Sri Lanka and to further construct coal-powered power plants.He added that there is also an attempt afoot to seek the assistance of the World Bank and other international institutions for this process.

He adds that major institutions such as the World Bank impose a condition to withdraw coal as an energy source, but at a time when the world is moving away from coal, these groups are advocating to Sri Lanka to use coal as an energy source and generate electricity.

Meanwhile Energy Expert Vidhura Ralapanawe notes:

“… They are saying that we should be generating electricity using coal. The problem I have when I looked at the report was that, they are coming to this conclusion while admitting that using coal for electricity generation actually will harm people’s lives. People will die and some people will get sick. But this is okay according to them – and simple because the value of a life of a person in Sri Lanka is actually much less than the life of a person in America”.

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