Illegal residents in the heart of Colombo

Illegal residents in the heart of Colombo

Illegal residents in the heart of Colombo

Written by Staff Writer

09 Aug, 2016 | 10:22 pm

What is the suitable land area that should be allocated for a family? There cannot be an adequate measurement for a family to live happily. However,  we all know that a considerable amount of space is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Imagine, twenty four families residing in a place and space which is enough only for a few families… They could set a world record.

Twenty four families, living in a place where only a few families could live does speak of a greater hardship..

News 1st’s Omaya Kovilagodage visited the area on Tuesday, August 9, not far away from Colombo, not even in the suburbs but in the very heart of Colombo. In Bambalapitiya, along its beautiful coastline right between the Bambalapitiya railway station and the sea.

These residents have no legal ownership to reside on this strip of land. They reside illegally, on a state-owned plot of land.

Living in a plot of illegal land could be solved through legal means. However, the safety and security of the 24 families residing on this strip of land is questionable, just like the activities carried out there, which do not seem to appear as accepted self employment.

Based on the inspections which we carried out for a few hours, we noticed that an unusually large number of strangers frequent the area.

The right to vote, is the only right these people possess…

And the only reason these illegal residents have the right to vote is because the politicians fear that they will not receive the support and vote if steps are taken to remove them from the location…

Just as justice should be meted out to these persons, the environment too needs to be treated in a just manner.

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