Gammedda100: To give hope to those who have given up, to give faith to those who lost it

Gammedda100: To give hope to those who have given up, to give faith to those who lost it

Gammedda100: To give hope to those who have given up, to give faith to those who lost it

Written by Staff Writer

09 Aug, 2016 | 9:06 pm

The Gammedda 100-day initiative, with the people, for the people…

It is the largest national public service initiative of its kind and its goal, is to make Sri Lanka a better place, create a better future for everyone. To give hope to those who have given up on it and faith to those who have lost it.

We at News 1st have already completed two projects under the 100-day initiative.

A renovated road for the people of Damanayaya, who spent most of their precious time travelling on a dilapidated 2.5 kilometre road and a signal lamp for the fishing harbour in Chilaw, where fishermen previously returned home at night not knowing where they would land.

A third project is set to be completed on Wednesday, August 10 in Pathalayagama, Hambantota. The people of Pathalayagama used to live in fear, not knowing when their life would come to an end after an encounter with a wild elephant, not knowing to what destruction they will wake up to each morning, not knowing when all their life’s work will be taken away, by a single or more wild elephants….

Soon, these people will have hope for a better future. Security for their property, for their lives and their children as the three kilometre long electric elephant fence will be completed tomorrow.

A road for the Warala village, Bibile…

For 30 years, the villagers of Warala, Bibile in the Monaragla district endured many hardships due to the lack of a proper road network.

However, hope has now been restored as the Gammedda team, lead by Chanu Dissanayake set the first steps in giving a renovated road, which spans approximately one kilometre, to the people of Warala.

“We have always thought when we see the villagers that they cannot change their fate, but today our News 1st team have been able to bring about this change. Sometimes people feel like helping others but it is rarely put into action. But today, we have implemented a task which will be put into action.” said Project Leader Chanu Dissanayake.
Project Leader

“A media channel has never come forward in this manner in order to resolve the issues faced by the public within a mere 100 days and engage in development activities. This is the first time such a thing has ever happened. It is clear that we only have ourselves to support each other”, stated Yasarath Kamalsiri, Director / General Manager of News 1st.

Speaking at the event, the Bibile Divisional Secretary Prageeth Kulathileke appreciated the tasks undertaken by the Gammedda 100 day initiative.

“I say this because your media organisation has intervened and undertaken a task that we ought to do”, said Bibile Divisional Secretary Prageeth Kulathileke

Gammedda Saviya

The establishment of “Gammadda Saviya” Community Organisations, with the aim of extending public support to successfully implement the Gammedda 100 day initiative also commenced today, August 9.

You too can join hands with News 1st to create a change by simply calling our number 011 4 896 896 and make a deposit to Nations Trust Bank account 0111 – 0000 – 2201

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