Gammedda100-day initiative continues to take on the plight of people

Gammedda100-day initiative continues to take on the plight of people

Gammedda100-day initiative continues to take on the plight of people

Written by Tharushan Fernando

30 Jul, 2016 | 11:48 pm

It is not  easy to witness what you’ve built over your lifetime, the paddy fields you’ve worked hard for months, be completely destroyed overnight.

But unfortunately, the people of Pathalayagama have to bear this with a heavy heart.The people of Pathalayagama, Keliyapura have had to sacrifice their lives and property to wild elephants as a result of the electric fence, which is supposed to keep elephants away, becoming a fence just to mark the boundary.T here are around 800 families living in the Pathalayagama, Mahaweli farming land which spans over 1000 acres.

Farmers say that the dysfunctional state of this electric fence which has separated their lands from the reserve is the cause for this current state. The wild elephant situation has also been resulted in almost 4000 acres of farmland being left uncultivated and unused.Some farming families have even abandoned their homes and left the area as there are no solutions to this problem.

Under News1st’s Gammedda 100 Day Initiative, steps have begun to build an electric fence to protect the people of Pathalayagama. Joy and satisfaction were expressed by the people following the renovation of the section of road from Damanayaya Junction to Alakolawewa in Seegirimulla on the Dambulla – Wewal road.

Construction on this road began on July 20 as the inauguration project of the Gammedda 100-day initiative.While construction on the road, which had not seen sight of development over the past 25 years, was completed last evening, nearly 3000 families from around ten villages will reap the benefits of this facility.

Construction of the water project for the Borala village in Weligama, Matara is also in effect.The project which will bring the simple gift of clean drinking water to around 200 families, is a project under the Gammedda 100-day initiative.

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