Second video emerges of Alton Sterling shooting in Louisiana

Second video emerges of Alton Sterling shooting in Louisiana

Second video emerges of Alton Sterling shooting in Louisiana

Written by Tharushan Fernando

07 Jul, 2016 | 8:21 am

Alton Sterling, a black man was shot several times by the police and died of his wounds on Tuesday (5th July 2016)


Following the incident Body camera and dashcam video of the shooting death of Alton Sterling, riddled the internet and quickly sparked local protests and drew national attention

However clearer footage has now been posted on YouTube, which shows the victim of the shooting held down by police outside a Louisiana convenience store. The new 38-second clip shows Sterling on the ground while one officer kneels to Sterling’s left while the other appears to straddle Sterling’s legs.After gunshots are heard, the camera pans to the right then back to Sterling, who has a large blood stain on his chest. The officer who was on his legs now lies on the pavement above Sterling’s head, his gun pointed.

It shows how Alton Sterling , 37, had a gun in his trouser pocket, but it was not in his hand as he was pinned down by the officers and shot repeatedly

According to local media,Sterling was known as the “CD man,” a laid-back guy who would sell music and DVDs outside the convenience store where he was shot

The second video emerged on a day in which Baton Rouge and Louisiana officials said the investigation into Sterling’s shooting would be led by federal authorities.Tensions are running high in the city of 238,000 people as officials vowed to be transparent about how they handle the controversial case that has sparked vigils in cities around the country

“The individuals involved in his murder took away a man with children who depended upon their daddy on a daily basis. … As this video has been shared across the world, you will see with your own eyes how he was handled unjustly and killed without regard for the lives that he helped raise,” said a teary-eyed Quinyetta McMillon, the mother of one of Sterling’s children

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