Saudi Attacks: Is ISIS behind the bombings?

Saudi Attacks: Is ISIS behind the bombings?

Saudi Attacks: Is ISIS behind the bombings?

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05 Jul, 2016 | 10:39 pm


Saudi Arabia was rocked by three separate bomb attacks on three different cities on the night of July 4.

*Around 2 a.m. – JEDDAH: Attacker detonates near US consulate. Bomber dies_90289555_070516_saudi

The US consulate has issued a statement saying there were no casualties or injuries among its staff, adding that it and the US embassy were in contact with Saudi authorities investigating the incident.

“Police found three devices inside the bomber’s car. A bomb disposal unit used a robot to detonate them ” – a journalist on the scene

*Around 7 p.m. – MEDINA : Prophet’s mosque attacked. Four guards killed, bomber dies

Suicide attack killed four security officers and wounded five others.

A blazing vehicle near the mosque in Medina Image Source: REUTERS

A blazing vehicle near the mosque in Medina
Image Source: REUTERS

According to Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry, the attack took place outside one of Islam’s holiest sites known as the Prophet’s Mosque.

Medina is;

> Islam’s second holiest city, after Mecca

> Believed to be the burial place of the Prophet Muhammad

“Four security guards were martyred and five others wounded as a result of their opposition to the suicide attacker who detonated explosives near them as he was on his way to the mosque,” the interior ministry said on Twitter

*Around 7 p.m.  – QATIF: Shia mosque in eastern city struck. Bomber dies

About the same time as the Medina blast, two other explosions struck near a mosque in the eastern city of Qatif on the Gulf coast. According to witnesses, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Shia mosque. No other injuries were reported from the incident.


Usually when an attack takes place the ISIS tends to claim responsibility for it almost immediately. However, no terror group has claimed the attack thus far. However, Islamic State has carried out similar bombings in the U.S.-allied kingdom, targeting Shi’ites and Saudi security forces. According to the Saudi Interior ministry, there had been 26 “terror attacks” in the kingdom during the past two years.

The U.N. human rights chief has called the attack in Medina “An attack on Islam itself” while many Muslims expressed shock that their second-holiest site had been targeted.

The three bombings follow dramatic attacks in Turkey, Bangladesh, Yemen and Iraq, that killed scores of people. They are claimed or thought to be carried out by ISIS.

The group claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in August, 2015 that ripped through a mosque belonging to a special emergency force in the southwestern part of the country, killing at least 13 people and leaving nine others wounded.

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