Redlime – emerging with flying colours for excellence with a human touch

Redlime – emerging with flying colours for excellence with a human touch

Redlime – emerging with flying colours for excellence with a human touch

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01 Jul, 2016 | 4:36 pm

Companies often pay lip service to the idea of social responsibility. The idea of social awareness to a community that a business exists in is often externalised as CSR or orporate Social Responsibility. So it is always refreshing to find a business that builds its business model from the ground – up with the idea of being a positive force in the world.

Enter Sri Lanka’s own, Redlime. Fundamentally a R&D firm, they recently marked a ten year milestone of “delivering powerful messages that speak, move and excite”. Though they don’t use the corporate jargon of the times, the company has pioneered social responsibility in its truest form without aping best practices from the west. A global mindset with Sri Lankan heart at its core, the company does its best to highlight a broad range of social issues, partnering with some of the most socially minded companies in Sri Lanka, like News 1st and MTV studios.

Lending their tools of visual communication, not just to the media, the company aids NGOs, INGOs, governmental agencies and leading charities to address the most pressing issues of the day.

Listing the company’s lengthy and ambitious targets Founder and Chief Strategist SD Nishanka says the company has its eye on women’s rights and empowerment, minority issues, gender equality, peace and reconciliation – all while creating an environment for people to discuss, express, participate and be involved in the sustainable development process.

Nishanka points out that when Redlime worked on a gender equality campaign for CARE, they created a series of short films, which explored different aspects of gendered behaviour within the Sri Lankan cultural context.

Another example of the company using the best tools of the trade for social causes was for The Asia Foundation and the Traffic Police. They created a series of short films with stop-motion animation techniques to present the facts in a compelling and universally understandable way.

Children are the hardest to reach out to. But a lasting impression can be made if they are engaged on their terms. So, when Save the Children approached Redlime with a Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative that was meant to be child-led, the company didn’t hesitate to bring the gravity of such a scenario – right to the children – by letting the children tell the story themselves.

With companies in Sri Lanka orchestrating projects to the satisfaction of global clients with innovative thinking and local knowledge, the future of business is in good hands. But what Redlime has succeeded in doing is adding humanity at the core of their business, making the future a far more likable place for everyone.

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