Mounting waste in wake of recent floods

Mounting waste in wake of recent floods

Mounting waste in wake of recent floods

Written by Tharushan Fernando

28 May, 2016 | 7:58 pm

Flood waters have begun to recede gradually, however another issue has arisen.

Mounting waste in the flood affected areas, have brought severe discomfort to many locals.

The streets of Kolonnawa , Wellampitiya , Kotikawatte, Angoda, IDH and Bradiyawatte are littered with mounds of waste. However, the waste does not include what is normally disposed from houses.

The floods of over 07 feet did not leave many things in a lot of houses. The waste does not only include electrical equipment , furniture and luxury goods but three-wheelers as well.

There is a sense of fear among these people as the mounds of waste can return to their houses following event the slightest rainfall.

The people who were on the banks of the Kelani River waiting for vehicles in the past, during the recent flooding were anticipating the arrival of boats. The flood waters are receding. However, there is a new issue for these people. Now they are anticipating tractors but there seems to be none. There are mounds of waste everywhere. The waters are at knee level. The issue they face now is , how are they going to move away this waste

The area was inundated by two feet following last nights rainfall.

The only thing these people request is for the garbage and waste to be removed so that it gives way for the waters to recede. Minister Fiaszer Musthapha today said that a solution to the issue will be provided.

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