Twitter tests night mode on Android

Twitter tests night mode on Android

Twitter tests night mode on Android

Written by Staff Writer

24 May, 2016 | 4:46 pm

Night mode is a feature that made its debut with e-readers and e-reader apps. The idea is that at night when the lights are dim, a darker background might prove to be more soothing to the eyes than a bright, glaring white screen. Even Apple has introduced Night Shift to iOS where the colors of the phone’s screen are diminished somewhat.

Now it seems like Twitter could be hopping on board that bandwagon, thanks to these screenshots obtained by the folks at 9to5Google. There are no differences in terms of functions, just that this will be a color/theme change.

In fact it actually doesn’t look too bad. According to the reports, Twitter has rolled out these changes to select users meaning that this isn’t an official release yet. It is probably in the early stages of testing which also means there is no guarantee that it will make the final cut.

Companies like Twitter and Facebook do like to test out new features from time to time, some of which are never seen again. The reports also claim that the app will be able to switch back and forth automatically meaning that there’s no input from the user at all.

Presumably if and when the final version is released, there will be an option.

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