Extreme weather leaves behind a trail of uncertainty

Extreme weather leaves behind a trail of uncertainty

Extreme weather leaves behind a trail of uncertainty

Written by Staff Writer

22 May, 2016 | 10:06 pm

Over 100,000 people in Bangladesh have been evacuated after Cyclonic storm Roanu, which caused widespread devastation in Sri Lanka, made landfall there. Twenty three  (23) people have been killed in Bangladesh as a result of the cyclonic storm.

Packing winds of upto 88 kilometres per hour, Roanu made landfall in southern Bangladesh. Meanwhile,  the Met Department says the heavy rains in Sri Lanka,  as a result of the deep depression, which intensified into the cyclonic storm, have dissipated.

However, the Department is forecasting temporary localised strong winds in the Eastern, Southern and Northern provinces. The Air Force deployed two aircraft today, to monitor landslide stricken areas. Floodwaters have begun to recede in many areas.

The Department of Irrigation says the water level of the Kelani River has dropped to 5.5 metres, indicating that the major flood risk has been downgraded to a minor flood situation. The Irrigation Department added that none of the reservoirs are at spill level at present.

Nevertheless, a landslide warning remains in effect for seven districts.Meanwhile looting has been reported from areas along the banks of the Kelani River that were inundated by flood water

The water levels in several areas including Wellampitiya and Wennawatte have decreased.

However, residents are unable to move back to their homes as the situation is not favourable for such a move. An aid convoy reached 1200 families in the Gampola area today, four days after they lost all connection with the outside world, following a landslide.

On May 17, people in the Dolosboage area were separated after a river of mud started flowing through the Berawila mountain in the area. In minutes, one village became two villages, with no access routes to either.

These villagers were trapped in the Berawila College and the temple in the area for four days, as rescue and relief teams were unable to reach the location due to the lack of an access route.Aid was distributed among these individuals in the Patithalawa and Berawila villages after a road was cleared by the Army.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged that the property and belongings of people who were victims of the landslide in the Aranayake area in the Kegalle district have been looted. The individuals who were battered by the Siripura montain, the Samapura mountain and the Ambala mountain giving way, are facing another threat as there are signs of the Balumgala Mountain giving way as well.The Makalankanda Mountain gave way last evening. Individuals in the area had been relocated at the Makalankanda Viharaya.

These individuals state that they too face the risk of their belongings being looted.

All schools which come under the purview of the Kolonnawa Educational Zone in the Western Province will be closed tomorrow and the day after (Monday and Tuesday) as a result of the inclement weather.

Western Province Minister of Education Ranjith Somawansa said St. Mary’s College, Munidasa Kumaratunga College and Ihala Bomiriya Primary School in the Kaduwela Education Zone will also be closed on these days.

The Western Province Minister of Education also requested the staff and principals of the schools to report for work if they are not affected by the inclement weather.Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education said that 52 schools in the Sabaragamuwa Province have been closed until further notice.

Thereby 46 schools in the Kegalle District and six schools in the Eheliyagoda Education Zone will be closed.All other schools in the country will function as normal.

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