Kalutara, Weligama districts face water crisis over sea water infiltration

Kalutara, Weligama districts face water crisis over sea water infiltration

Kalutara, Weligama districts face water crisis over sea water infiltration

Written by Staff Writer

27 Mar, 2016 | 10:09 pm

The supply of water to several areas in the country has been disrupted due to the absence of rain.As there has been no rainfall for several months, water levels in rivers have reduced causing sea-water to flow into the rivers.

This has affected the Kalu Ganga as well. Due to this situation, locals charge that salt water has got mixed with the water which is distributed to the Kalutara District, from the Kethhena Water Treatment Plant.

As a solution to this issue, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board has installed temporary water tanks to several nearby areas in the Kalutara District.

Nearly 5000 acres of paddy land has been destroyed in the Jamburugodayaya area in Weligama due to the mixture of salt water to the Polathu Modara River.

Several villages including Jamburugodayaya and Ilwatta, which the Polathu Modara river supplies water to, are now facing a severe water crisis. Locals say that the Ilwatte dam has deteriorated, causing sea water to mix with the waters of the Polathu Modara river.

Our correspondent said that minor repairs were made to the Ilwatte dam on Sunday morning. The prevailing dry weather conditions has also seen a reduction of water levels in the Nilwala River, causing a mixture of sea water to the river.

To prevent further mixture, measures are being taken with the initiative of the Sri Lanka Army, to build  a barrier for salt water.

Meanwhile, according to our correspondent, functions at the Nadugala Water Treatment Plant, which pumps around 6000 litres of water daily, have come to a standstill.

This situation caused a severe scarcity of water among the locals in the area. The Rakwana, Kothattala, Udahakottala, Lower Kottala, Nedun Ketiya and Rakwana south areas in the Ratnapura District are facing a severe water scarcity.

Residents say the main cause for the water crisis is due to the deforestation of reserves located close to the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. Our correspondent said that the water scarcity is affecting close to 1000 families.

However, these communities quench their thirst with aid from donors in the area. Active streams such as the Indikatu stream, Rakwana river, Gangoda stream and Sinharaja stream are gradually drying up.

Residents of the Rosella Village in Hatton staged a demonstration on Sunday morning charging that they do not have drinking water. They charge that the water they obtain from a private land situated further up to the village, is unclean.

Meanwhile, special religious observances, requesting for rains were held across the country on Sunday as well. The Met Department says atmospheric conditions conducive to rain, are forming over the country.

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