A multitude of woes pour forth as the voiceless reaches out to News1st’s Gammedda

A multitude of woes pour forth as the voiceless reaches out to News1st’s Gammedda

A multitude of woes pour forth as the voiceless reaches out to News1st’s Gammedda

Written by Staff Writer

03 Mar, 2016 | 6:48 am

Going door to door in search of the unseen hardships that many Sri Lankans face, the News 1st Gammadda Door to Door campaign took place for the eighth consecutive day on Wednesday March 2.

The initiative, aimed at reaching out to the most vulnerable and the deprived, took place in the Northern , North Central and Sabaragamuwa provinces.

The News 1st team based in the Sabaragamuwa Province commenced their journey from the Udawalawa Buddhist Centre

The people from Mah-Ara , Paha-Maduwa and Guru-Muduyaya presented the issues that they face to the Gammedda Door to Door Campaign team.

Another group moved to several Mahaweli villages.

Several villages as D5 and Demodara raised the issue surrounding fertiliSer and access to water.

Travelling on rugged terrain, the team reached the village of Nikara, which is home to 50 families. Around ten families depend on the lamps to lighten up their dwellings at night.

The News 1st team in the northern province together with representatives from the Peradeniya University toured in the Killinochchi District.

They came across the Thirumuru-Gandi village that is bordering the Killinochchi and Mulativu districts.

Around thirty families from this village, who lost their lands have been moved to temporary lands. The residents complaint over the lands that they are temporary sheltered in, where as their permanent lands were taken over as security zones.

They allege that the lands in which they reside are in fertlie compared to their permanent lands.

Since 1990 over 245 families have being displaced owing to the war in the Pannakandi area.

These residents who do not even posses permanent residence have even been deprived with receiving government welfare benefits.

Not only did Rajeshwari lose a leg during the war, she also lost her eldest son. Even today she awaits, along with her four other children, until her eldest son who went missing, returns.

Her eight year old son reminds her of the bitter memories of the war.

The other team commenced their journey from the Ulawunar area in the Northern Province.

The Thambirasapuram village was the first stop of the team, which is located approximately about 15 Km from Killinochchi. Around 400 familes that were displaced by the war and resettled for over 5 years, reside in this village.

Although today was a school day, we witnessed the manner in which many students had not gone to school.

The father of these children is unable to engage in any activity due to the injuries he suffered because of the conflict.

The only source of income being a plot of vegables, he undergoes many hardships to provide for his children.

Another team commenced the Gammedda Door to Door campaign from the Sangirikandarawa area in Maddawachchi.

They visited the Lidha Wewa, Sangilikandharawa wewa, Kanadharama, Harammankulama and Ralapanawa villages on Wednesday.

Floods are a common issue faced by every village in the area.

Water of the Sangiliwewa canal which flows down across three branches was seen covered with sand during our tour.

This stretch which goes through Sangilikandarawa to Lidawewa bares testmant that these villagers have to live all their lives in floods.

Another team visited the Rathmalgahawewa, Paranagma, Kirigalwewa and Thulana villages which fall under the North Central Province.

The main issue faced in this village is the lack of clean drinking water.

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