News 1st Gammedda Door-to-Door Campaign reaches paths hitherto untraversed

News 1st Gammedda Door-to-Door Campaign reaches paths hitherto untraversed

News 1st Gammedda Door-to-Door Campaign reaches paths hitherto untraversed

Written by Tharushan Fernando

01 Mar, 2016 | 7:38 pm

Going from door-to-door in search of hardships hitherto unseen and untold, , the News 1st Gammedda Door to Door campaign took place for the seventh consecutive day, today Tuesday, March 1.

The initiative, aimed at reaching out to the most vulnerable and the deprived, is taking place with the assistance of the University of Peradeniya.

The News 1st Gammedda Door to Door Campaign commenced  from the Sri Dharmawardhanarama Temple in Kebithigollewa on Tuesday morning A street-play by the locals on the programme won many hearts.

One sub-team then set off towards the villages of Kebithigollewa, Handagama, Vissewela, Thibiriwewa and Kovilbandawewa, and uncovered the issues faced by the residents of these areas. The primary concern of the locals from Vissewela in Kebithigollewa was the road leading to the village.

The other team set off towards the rural villages of Viharahalmillawa, Halmillawatiya and Yakawewa.These villages were under constant threat during the 30-year-old conflict. And even after the end of the war, they continue live under much hardship. Even though they attempt to move ahead by casting aside the decades of bitter memories, there are several obstacles that this hinder this.

The News 1st team based in the Northern Province reached Killinochchi on Tuesday and commenced its journey from Unionkulam on Tuesday and had to travel on impassable roads in order to reach the most rural villages.

Despite the journey on the roads less travelled, News 1st was welcomed warmly by the villagers. The villagers here, strive to rise on their own,  and presented the countless number of unsolved issues to News 1st. Among them was a couple, living amidst the most trying circumstances, in the Ootrupulam village in Kilinochchi. The couple had shown great strength to overcome the dark memories, and move on with life.

Another sub-team visited the Akkarayan Village in Killinochchi. The road adjacent to the village hospital had been renovated. However, the state of the road the villagers use, to reach the hospital, is a difficult one. To reach this hospital, one must walk for almost three kilometres. One family , battered by the war for years, came across News 1st in Wennelia and showed courage and a determination to build a better tomorrow.

Houses from the housing scheme in Thalikarai, Pooneryn are provided to the families affected by the war. Fifty-five families currently live in this housing scheme and families of around 40 houses continue to spend the night in darkness.

The door to door campaign also commenced in the Sabaragamuwa Province from Kahawatte today.

The News 1st team today visited the people living in Andana, Nawalkanda,Yayinna and Madalgama villages. Located in close proximity to the town, the villagers experience severe discomfort due to the lack of public transportation and limited access to drinking water.

The other, team which based itself in the Rathnapura District, visited the villages of the Upper area in Watapatha, Manana, Nivithigala and Jatagare.The primary concern of the people living in the line houses in the Upper Area of Watapatha was related to housing, water supply and sanitation.

The village of Manana is located in one of the most rural of place in the country. When News 1st reached the village, it was evident that many of the settlers were unemployed.

Sri Lanka’s largest people-oriented campaign carried out by News 1st, is supported by the University of Peradeniya, and will travel to the most rural areas of the country until March 18 catechising the issue that need to be addressed.

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