Google’s Project Loon enters Sri Lankan airspace

Google’s Project Loon enters Sri Lankan airspace

By Lahiru Fernando

Feb 15, 2016 | 8:40 pm

Google Loon is finally here.…

Earlier today it was confirmed that Google Loon has entered Sri Lankan airspace and that tests will be conducted in Sri Lanka in the coming weeks. Balloon powered internet for everyone, that is Google’s final aim. Project Loon launched by American tech giant Google is a network of balloons travelling on the edge of space designed to connect people in rural and remote areas.

Project Loon balloons will travel about 20 km above the earth’s surface, in comparison a normal passenger plan travel at at altitude of about 10 km. Twenty kilometres mean the balloons will be travelling in the stratosphere well above weather events, wildlife and airplanes.

Each helium-based balloon can remain operational at this altitude for about 100 days and provide LTE internet coverage to a ground area about 80 km in diameter. The balloons relay
wireless traffic from cell phones and other devices back to the global Internet using high-speed links.

Project Loon began with a pilot test in June 2013, when thirty balloons were launched from New Zealand’s South Island and as of this evening Google loon balloons were off the southern coast of Sri Lanka

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