Transport authorities move in to stop beggars and traders

Transport authorities move in to stop beggars and traders

Transport authorities move in to stop beggars and traders

Written by Tharushan Fernando

22 Dec, 2015 | 10:10 pm

It has been reported that begging and trading in Public Transport Services had caused severe discomfort to passengers.

Lanka Private Bus Owners Association says begging and the sale of goods inside private buses will be prohibited from January 1, 2016. Chairman, Gemunu Wijeratne said the association decided to prohibit the practice, considering complaints from passengers.

We contacted the chairman of the Sri Lanka transport board to check whether the same regulation applies to buses of the Sri Lanka Transport Board.

We contacted the Controller of Rail security, Senaka Jayasena of the Sri Lanka Railway Department to ascertain their policy on the matter.

According to Senaka Jayasena, the Controller of Rail Security of the Sri Lanka Railway Department, the department can file legal action under Clause 12 of the Railway Act against beggars and vendors who act in a manner that inconvenience commuters. The Controller of Rail Security said this provision is in operation for the safety of passengers.

However, several diverse views were expressed on the issue.

Minister of Megapolis and Western Province Development,Patali Champika Ranawaka at  a ceremony held on Monday stated that beggars and stray dogs in the areas are due to ad hoc urbanization and that there are around 400 beggars seen in and around the Colombo city. That there are nearly 2000 beggars, 2000 cows….

He added:

There are flash floods a result of ad hoc urbanisation. But we are building the country on a new strategy that will focus on new technology and the economy because we want to develop Colombo as one big megapolis


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